3 Reasons August Will Be An Awesome Month For Video Games

Forbes: August is an exciting month for three very big reasons, and each of those reasons happens to be a video game. For a gamer like myself, who prefers fantasy titles and role-playing games, this is one of the better months of 2012. Better still, each of these titles is either a PC exclusive or is launching on PC as well as console. Here are the three games on my radar for the next few weeks, which I’ll be writing about in the very near future.

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M1am1U3284d ago

Dark Souls...blood pressure rising...

That game is such an enigma...fantastic and frustrating all at once. I love to hate to love it.

bwazy3284d ago

Guild Wars 2. 6 year wait is finally almost over. Not to mention its about time a game and developer finally delivered what they promised.

Xristo3284d ago

All 3 look to be great games. I have GW2 already purchased and definitely planning on buying the other two sometime. The one wildcard for August could be Sleeping Dogs. That game could be a smash hit.

StarFox3284d ago

nah october is gonna be the best month AC3 & RE6

Mocat3284d ago (Edited 3284d ago )

Give me TTT2 and i'll be set for a year.

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