Dead or Alive 5: Demo Codes Revealed More Than Guest Characters

"The Dead or Alive 5 demo included with Ryu Hayabusa's latest game had revealed some hidden character codes, including more guest characters like the recently announced Sarah Bryant to be joining Akira in his latest gaming crossover. Codes also revealed 6 additional costumes for each character, and Pai Chan! Now if you don't want any more spoilers, stop reading. The codes revealed the entire playable character list thus far."-

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Lord_Sloth3284d ago

This list was leaked out only a few weeks after the demo itself launched.

samiahm3284d ago

True, but the news didn't really flow very far. More than half the people I asked didn't hear about it so I figured might as well write about it.

Cryptcuzz3284d ago

Hell Yeah! I hope Pai Chan is really going to be in the game like the leak says.

It doesn't hurt if one of my favorite Virtua Fighter character is in the game as well.

Day 1 for me.

T3MPL3TON 3284d ago

Welp... Looks like I'm gonna have to buy this now..