Grand Theft Auto V – The facts, the rumors, and the assumptions

Rockstar still carefully hides the information about the most anticipated game in the world, so we gathered up all that’s known so far about it.

First let’s get to the vehicles, since the GTA V trailer reveals that they are mostly based on the models we’ve seen in the previous installment. There are police choppers, convertibles with linen tops, a jet-ski with a “Speedo Phile 2000″ mark, and other minor stuff. Based on the GTA V file list found in the Max Payne 3 program files, we can expect at least 48 cars, 5 motorbikes, 10 choppers, a plane, 25 vessels and 9 train models.

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HebrewHammer3284d ago (Edited 3284d ago )

I'm hopeful as well, but there is no way GTAV will be using motionscan. The full cast of a GTA title, combined with the Rockstar / Team Bondi split - I just don't see it happening.

And as for it coming out THIS October? That's as likely as AGENT coming out this year.

ab5olut10n3284d ago

Woohoo! Another huge steaming pile of speculation. Thank you for your guesses.

EazyC3284d ago

Is that image official? Never seen it before!P

xX-StolenSoul-Xx3284d ago

The two screen-shots in the article yes, those are official. If you're speaking about the one used to headline the article on N4g. No

unchartedxplorer3284d ago

GTA TV? I see that rockstar are getting some inspiration from Naughty Dog.

dirigiblebill3283d ago

Woo, somebody's ripped off OXM's (longer, better) article from last week.