Man mistakes crappy old NES game for innovative indie game designed to look like crappy old NES game

Having spent three days working his way through what he thought to be the latest retro-themed puzzle-platformer from XBL, Gregory Jones, 24, was shocked to discover that he had in fact just been playing a really shit NES game.

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BanditGamer3289d ago

Yeah, there is nothing crappy about legend of kage

Blacktric3288d ago

Check the other articles from the same website. It is filled with made up stuff.

MaxXAttaxX3288d ago

Obviously taking a stab at some of the pretentiousness surrounding indie games at times.

Kind of a short, fun read.

andibandit3288d ago

It looks like The Last Guardian.

SilentNegotiator3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

Regardless, this satirical article makes a good point.

The state of "indie" games is pathetic. Journalists will praise multi-million dollar companies for their hard "indie" work and for making "innovative" backwards or 'plain with an art style' games. Some journalists would absolutely NOT know the difference between an "indie" game they would normally praise and just an out of date game.

Elderly_Cynic3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

What, did he also 'mistake' putting a cartridge into an NES for selecting the title from the quickplay menu on his XBox? I believe I detect the aroma of bovine fecal matter...

OneAboveAll3289d ago

Uh actually people still make un-licensed Homebrew games for the SNES/NES complete with authentic boxes and booklets.

As you can clearly see here. http://www.nightmarebusters...

MacDonagh3289d ago

It isn't actually outwith the realms of possibility. XBL indie has got many clones of popular games like Minecraft and there is even a couple of Manic Miner clones as well.

Elderly_Cynic3289d ago

My point is that, unless Legend of Kage is available on XBL Indie Games (which it's NOT) then this story is highly improbable.

juegosmajicos3289d ago

Have you ever read The Onion? Or maybe like, any kind of satire, ever?

PirateThom3289d ago

I think the joke has gone over some people's heads.

juegosmajicos3289d ago

It's a good joke, too. This website just found itself a place on my speed dial.

Oh_Yeah3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

Jtag/rgh/dev kit. you ever hear of them? i would think that someone into games would also know the "other side"

you can run emus and create homebrew with those

also if they where created and ran on libxenon...its legal.

Gazondaily3288d ago

Actually read the article next time.

Flavor3288d ago

Looks like your sense of humor and intuition have not kept pace with your age.

This piece is satire.

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Godmars2903289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

So someone ripped an NES emulation onto XBL indy to pass it off as their own original work?

Am I the only one seeing a copyright lawsuit of multiple levels?

Also rather liked Legend of Kage. Or rather the potential it had. What could have been done with it or a sequel on a better system.

HeartDisease3289d ago

legend of kage did have a spiritual successor on the nes system, it was called demon sword and was launched in 1990 in the usa. kage was release in 84. both were made by taito.

kage was great in the arcade but sucked on the nes. demon sword was ALOT better as i recall. of course that was a long time ago. try it on yer emulator and let me know how it goes lol

Godmars2903289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

And I played that one too - not as good, which isn't saying much - but I meant a sequel on the SNES at least.

There was a ninja title with designs from the artist behind Ninja Mirai and Goro, but its not the Ninja Mirai game. It also came to the US.

Ninja Mirai


Found it: Hagane

Tres213288d ago

i actually liked demon sword alot

wenaldy3289d ago

Legend of Kage was the shiznit back in the day.. Flute of the death pawns any weapon in video games today..

Wenis3288d ago

By reading the comments, its easy to tell who read the article and who didn't.

Capt-FuzzyPants3288d ago

Yeah this is actually pretty funny. People are flipping out about it and they don't even understand. I like the message though. A lot of these indy games are just overrated.

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