Check It Out: Summer Clearance Sale Has 5 Games For $25, 5 for $50, or 5 for $100

Usually is terrible for deals, but they have come out of nowhere with their Summer Clearance Sale which allows you to grab a ton of different games at either 5 for $25, 5 for $50, or 5 for $100.

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TrendyGamers2737d ago

Wow, some of the 3DS games have sold out already.

Lahey2737d ago

Meh didn't see anything exciting .

Lahey2737d ago

What I meant was I own most of the more interesting titles or at least played them.

t0mmyb0y2737d ago

Dead Island is about the only one out of those lists I still want to/haven't tried yet.

TekoIie2737d ago

Already played most lol! As should any gamer!!!

TrendyGamers2737d ago

Yeah, this is sale is definitely for people who happened to miss out on any of these games.

BringingTheThunder2737d ago

if i didnt own almost all of the games i'd be spending a ton of money

MySwordIsHeavenly2737d ago

Not the best deals in the world... :/

Then again, compared to where I work, the $5 section at Walmart is a ripoff.

t0mmyb0y2737d ago

@ MySword. I'm guessing there is no online store for Disc Replay?

Ser2737d ago

Meh. Nothing for me. A bunch of 3DS stuff and shovelware.

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