You can sell used digital games no matter what the EULA or Publisher says - Good or Bad?

The High Court made a major ruling that could forever change the gaming industry and how you buy and sell games. Is this good or bad? I discuss both sides of the coin and we also talk about how Gamestop might be entering the Used digital games business.

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OneAboveAll3283d ago

Hope this happens. My steam library is worth is worth $782
I'll sell my whole library because I don't play on PC anymore.


Will take no less than the price it's worth! lol

Persistantthug3282d ago

You couldn't get $782 for them bro.

For example,
Why would I pay you $19.99 for plain vanilla BORDERLANDS and $19.99 for DEAD SPACE 1?

OneAboveAll3282d ago

You would be surprised how many dumb asses are on Craigslist who will buy your steam account. *trollface*


you can still get some of your money back it's not like you can't sell the game for half. CUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

InactiveUser3282d ago

I was going to say almost the exact same thing as Persistant.. so Well Said.

Also, it's doubtful someone wants every game on your account. I might only want like 6 of those games and only be willing to pay like $50 for them.. nowhere near $782.

OneAbove has a good point too though. You can't underestimate some of the stupidity out there, so it's possible.

Ramas3282d ago

dream on kid, if it is worth 782 to you then cut atleast 50% of that sum or maybe you would get even less. my guess 200$ or so.

Hellsvacancy3282d ago (Edited 3282d ago )

From my retail experience as a buyer at second hand shop (years ago) you sell the product for 50% of its retail value and you pay 25% of that to the seller

So a collection worth £782 would get you £195, so your pretty spot on

TitanUp3282d ago

why would anyone stop playing on the best platform for games?

OneAboveAll3282d ago

lol @ your OPINION.

PC doesn't have Halo or God of War or Halo or MGS now does it? You know what it does have? RTS games and MMO's... none of which I play.

TitanUp3282d ago

yes consoles have their own exclusives so does pc. from your post i gather you already owned a console so why sale your steam account.

you might not want to play on pc now but you might in the future.

Kushan3282d ago

Normally the PC vs. console debate is quite polarised, but I can't help but smile at the guy here trying to bash PC gaming mere moments after admitting that he has a Steam collection of over 50 titles. For a platform that has a lot of games you don't play, you sure as hell own a lot of games on it.
Do you even own 50 PS3/360 games?

SPAM-FRITTER-1233282d ago (Edited 3282d ago )

why would anyone pay that amount. if someone had $782 they would probably just wait till christmas sale and get all your games NEW for $300 and spend the other $478 on PC hardware.

speaking of sales. i wonder if steam would keep the holiday sales if digital games went pre-owned.

Saryk3282d ago

My account is over $3500. I do own all the DLC for all my games, which is quite a sum. Plus I have my Origin, Gamefly and Impulse accounts linked with game on Steam. So I would need to sell those accounts also, which is another grand (combined). I doubt I would get half of what I spent, so unless I need a new kidney or something, screw that. However I am getting older and with the cheaters out there, I would gladly sell my FPS game and other games that I either beat or didn't like.

SilentNegotiator3282d ago

I still play PC all the time but I would like to sell individual titles. Probably won't ever be possible, but it should be.

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forcefullpower3282d ago

Fantastic. Hope this will come in as there have been a few digital games that I would liked to have sold as I didn't like the game.

dirthurts3282d ago

Power to the Players, for real this time.

wallis3282d ago

Good - they still won't give us this is practice but it's nice to actually have the courts say finally that we buy and own our games and that we do not buy the right to play them which is how they currently try to take total control of the market..

DanSolo3282d ago (Edited 3282d ago )

This is good as it is a real piss-take that they attempt to stop people selling their used games....

You can buy used cars, books, dvds, cd's, furntiure, clothes, bicycles, toys, televisions, playstations, xboxes, wii's, sega mega drives, master systems, ect ect ect ect ect.....

Why should one industry be exempt from the same rules that apply everywhere else to everyone else?

They like to use scare tactics to make people think that the used game market will stop improvements and innovation in games.... but what a load of crap!

It cuts into their profits and they want to make as much money as possible.... Well as understandable as it is that a company wants to make as much money as possible that does not give them the right to exemption from the same rules that all businesses have to abide by..... and no-one should be allowed to say that we are forbidden to sell on property that we have spent our hard earned money on!

If companies are allowed to start dictating terms like that then we are on a slippery slope that will do us the consumer NO good at all!

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