A step in the wrong direction: High Metacritic scores are an Irrational job requirement

Now it's not just potential bonuses developers might be losing if they don't make that golden 85, it's getting to have a job at all!

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joab7773283d ago

I'm a little confused. So irrational is being blamed for wanting to hire someone who has worked on a game with already an 85 metacritic score? They themselves, have not used metacritic as a bonus requirement, they are just hiring using this. Is it wired that this doesn't bother me? OK, so u need someone and u have a list of requirements that are strict. 125 people apply. Then u add the requirement using metacritic and it is trimmed down to 47 (this is hypothetical ). What r the chances that the guy they really wanted was cut out? No, now they have 47 applicants that have all taken part in critically acclaimed games and they know what needs to b done to ship a product that is highly rated.

Now, do I have a problem with giving 1 million dollars to someone because they got an 85 instead of an 84? Yeah, That's ridiculous and I feel bad for anyone who has fallen prey to this. Maybe a sliding scale is better, but metacritic simply uses the reviews of the best, most trusted video game journalists in the industry. And consider this. If someone who has worked on a game that received an 82 is being looked at and the company hiring is hiring for a similar game, they will look at this guy. And if he is really good, then he is known and people will look at him. They are using metacritic to trim down the number of applicants. Is there a better way?

310dodo3283d ago


Games are a business...
with that said they cost Millions of dollars to make

You need to make a "good" game to get the cash for a "great" game. and so forth