Misogyny In Video Games Today

You see I thought I was prepared.I thought I had it all sewn up. I thought I could simply knock those accusations of misogyny down like they were Tokyo and I was Godzilla. It was going to be easy after all. I’m a man, I’ve played games for roughly 25 years, and I don’t consider myself to be a knuckle dragging Neanderthal. In fact, some of the most remarkable people I’ve ever met have been women, including my beautiful and quite wonderful wife. I don’t believe a woman’s place is anywhere other than where she wants to be, and I also think it’s dreadful that women on average earn less money than men do while performing the same job role(I mean, hell, it’s 2012 for crying out loud. Not 1954. You would have thought we’d havefixed that kind of thing by now).

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Sog3285d ago (Edited 3285d ago )

This isn't right.

None of what he actually mentioned is misogyny.
The definition of misogyny is the hatred of women.

He first mentions Hitman's trailer. The trailer for hitman showed no hatred of women. Agent 47 did not do anything exceptionally bad to them because they were women in particular, but because they were his enemies. Showing off the body of a female is not hatred of a female. It is admiration of the female figure. They are polar opposites, and so this is not misogyny.

The trailer of the next Tomb Raider game comes up. He criticizes the trailer for showing Lara Croft as weak compared to her other form as a strong woman. Showing a woman being weak is not misogyny, it is understandeable, relateable, and human. Lara Croft is going through an extremely emotional, physically demanding, and stressful time, so it is natural to show her as being hurt. This is not misogyny.

He mentions next a tweet by Ryan Perez criticizing Felicia Day. The tweet did not mention her sex, or anything physical about her. It is a critique of her. He is not hating her because of her gender. Just because he insulted her and she is female, it does not mean that he insulted her because she was female. This is not misogyny.

The last thing he mentions is a flash game about beating up a feminist. Again, this is not misogyny. The flash game was directed at her, not at women in general. It was directed at her because a large amount of people see her as stupid and money-grubbing. This is not misogyny.

Of everything he mentioned in this article, nothing was misogyny. The author is making a conclusion based off faulty reasoning, which is as follows:
Because characters are female, and are not shown in a favorable light, it is misogyny.

By the logic that the author uses, it's also possible to say that every instance he used can be viewed as misanthropy, because all of the characters were human.

The author wrote this very long article, and researched it too, but did not bother to actually look up the definition of misogyny. He also drew no parallels in the article to misogyny at all, simply implying that it existed because something bad happened and the recipient of it was female.

dillydadally3285d ago

Hah! You should have written the article! Well said and exactly what I was thinking, but after reading your post, there's no way I could have written it better, so instead I just gave you a bubble!

aliengmr3285d ago

Someone is a little late to the party.

DanSolo3285d ago

Misogyny fucking rules!!!

Only joking... but then the article is a bit silly so I figured what the fuck!

Linsolv3285d ago (Edited 3285d ago )

> For years we’ve watched female characters portrayed as
> nothing more than walking breasts and asses that either
> provide titillation, or arean object for the male hero
> to rescue and then acquire. There are exceptions of
> course, characters such as Zelda, Samus Aran, and Jill
> Valentine for example.

> Not objects for the male hero to rescue
> Such as Zelda


(Also, it is worth noting that the Hitman trailer in particular is a massive tempest in a teakettle. It in fact portrays women as capable of performing a particularly male-oriented task, killing, and their loss is not because of their gender, but because their target is one of the most powerful assassins in the game-world)

BuffMordecai3285d ago

Damn these articles, damn them to hell.

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