Burnout Paradise game guide

Paradise City can be daunting for newcomers. Well, one writer has put together a guide for the newbies to Paradise City.

From the article: "The speed class is for experienced players only. Once you get good enough, an experienced Speeder can complete an entire race, weaving through traffic, without leaving boost, making you virtually unbeatable. This makes the Speed class one of the most complicated and hardest to master..."

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GamerSigma4374d ago

Good solid tips. thanks.

LGFreedom4374d ago

The writer spent all that time for Burnout. I didn't think anyone actually played that series.

Good read... Might rent it just to get the achievements.

Mr PS34374d ago

Crank your engine up and rip that bad boy round town
Oh and if you want the best experiance get this game on the PS3

JSA-Gamer4374d ago

Wow, i'm surprised you would recommend the PS3.... Mr. PS3.

Gawd, I hope Sony is paying you for shilling their goods.

BLUR1114374d ago

don't really need a guide for this game i feel, but man this game is so awesome