Analysts: PS3 Price Drop In Spring?

More analyst predictions but this time, it involves...a PS3 price drop?!?!

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Shadow Flare6361d ago

if this is true, then that might mean us europeans get the ps3 launch WITH the price drop too

well, long shot but here's hoping

kmis876361d ago

I hope you guys do, it could be the least Sony could do to make up for the delay. But since it seems that all the game companies screw the territories outside of Japan and North America over, I wouldn't get your hopes too high. Maybe Sony could surprise people and give European gamers a break that they deserve. Here's hoping.

Marriot VP6361d ago (Edited 6361d ago )

Well this guys somewhat accurate. The price drop won't be that soon because Sony Hardcore fans will still be buying them so about Q3 2007 is when they'll bundle or make a small drop because normal people don't buy consoles that expensive.

Although that still won't help enough. Even a 100 dollar drop wouldn't convince the majority of people who plan on waiting till it comes down to 300-400 ATLEAST. Remember the PS2 only sold when it hit 200 bucks.

Watapata6361d ago

I'm not sure I'd agree there, the PS2 still sold, and still sold well, before hitting the $200 mark. In fact month for month it still had better sales that the XBox or GameCube, aside from their launch month I believe. But you are right about it really taking off in sales once it hit that lower price point.

Microsoft Master6361d ago

Sony want to price drop the PS3, of course they do, to be competitive and hit that 200 buck mark more quicker, but they physically can't. Sony will also lose far more than Microsoft with each unit sells, plus Sony as a company aren't as rich as the big M. Not by a long shot. I estimate that the first announced price drops for PS3 will start in November 07 for the U.S. and March 08 for Europe.

Watapata6361d ago

Sony physically can't drop the price to $200...I don't even know where to begin on that statement. First off, there is nothing preventing them from coming out and saying, "PS3 will cost $1" except for the fact that the loss would be gigantic. To claim that as a physical impediment...I don't know...Sony will lose more than Microsoft per unit initially, but considering some the advanced processes for cost reduction that Sony possess and Microsoft doesn't, that could change in the future to at least draw even. Bottom line ehre though, is no one knows what price Sony will be able to drop the PS3 to in the future, any claims to know are pure ignorance. Personally I wouldn't be at all surprised to see the 360 and PS3 selling for exactly the same price within a year or two. Also Sony doesn't need to have as much money as Microsoft, especially when you consider XBox is no where near Microsoft's main business focus. You have given your opinion, and you are definitely entitled to it, but thats all it is an opinion, and not necessarilly the best informed at that.


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shinoff21833d ago

Wish they'd hurry with these remasters lol. I was hoping to knock them out before ec released.

CUnit1231233d ago

You're telling me. I assume they will likely piggy back of EC hype. But we will have to wait and see.