Beyond: Two Souls' focus is 'meaning, not fun', says David Cage

"I don't want to challenge their thumbs, I want to challenge their minds," says Quantic Dream CEO.

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Wizziokid3292d ago

This sounds like my kind of game, This is what more dev's need to do, give us rich stories which mean something and have a impact. I'd take that over go kill some guy trying to blow up the America anyday

Nitrowolf23292d ago

Loved Heavy Rain. I don't understand some people whee they sit there and think that every game has to be fun to be good. It's all about the experience and if fun is something they are looking for they probably shouldn't have played that game.

These are my kind of games, leaving you with a message and a meaning to wrap things together. Can't wait for this, and Sony please do try and show Last Gaurdian this year.

coolman2293292d ago

There's a balance. If the game isn't fun then why would anyone play it? It's nice to have a deeper meaning, but you can't disregard fun for it. That's something I don't think David Cage understands. He's focused on emotion, rather than an enjoyable game experience or something that makes sense. I like games that try to do something deeper, but I think Heavy Rain failed on that. It had the potential, but the story was rife with plot holes that were rather blatant. And just because a game is focusing on "meaning" that doesn't give it free reign to take the fun out. That's what I feel is missing from a number of games nowadays. They're either focusing on graphics, gore, or just making it cinematic. For how much I don't like the Uncharted series, at least Naughty Dog does a good enough job to make it fun to play (except for the melee combat).

And now I'm prepared to be flamed for daring to say something negative about Heavy Rain.

adamant7153292d ago

If a game emotionally engages you, I don't think the fun factor really matters anymore. That's where I think Cage is coming from; he wants to get the player emotionally invested in the story and characters thus making you want to play and learn more about them.

I also agree with you that Heavy Rain had many plot holes. But overall, I think it's a one of a kind experience in video games. That (to me) is the future of video games.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr33292d ago

Cant really get excited. I saw a video on it and it was basically a cut scene heavy on quick-time button smashing...

OhMyGandhi3292d ago

While I consider Heavy Rain one of the best games this generation, and Indigo Prophecy one of the best last generation, I feel like David Cage forgets that a game can be both meaningful AND fun.

Jazz41083292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

I'm just not a fan of quicktime events and push this button at a certain time or you fail. That's really all heavyrain was other than the detective portion which LA Noire rips it a new one on. He just makes interactive movies and that will always be a niche audience like motion controls are.

kneon3292d ago

When you get right down to it pretty much every game is "push this button at a certain time or you fail".

And in heavy rain the QTE are primarily dialog choices, it's really no different than the Mass Effect dialog choices other than they actually have a real impact on the story.

bahabeast3292d ago

this beat heavy rain IMO im loving the news about it zoo far and cnt wait to try it out.

RedHotChiliPepaSpray3292d ago

it beat heavy rain? a few trailers and behind the scenes of an unreleased game beat heavy rain?

bahabeast3292d ago

ok my bad buddy i mean it seems a little more interesting to me, is that better???

samson-13292d ago

Can't wait for this game. The story sounds interesting.

TheRealTedCruz3292d ago

It's statements like that that makes me question why use videogames as the medium to tell your story then.

strange19863292d ago

Agreed. While it doesn't have to be fast paced fun or dumb, mindless fun, it has to be enjoyable on some level. If I want a good story and nothing else, I'll read a book.

SpecialK3292d ago

Why not use videogames?

Personally i think its an interesting idea. We already have books which are deep and meaningful, and some films. And as gaming matures we will see more of this start to happen where stores become more emotionally involving.

The idea that a game can not only bring you into an emotionally involving setting, but actually force you do decide how it unravels, could bring something more involving than any film or book if it were done with a good script and acting.

Ive read books and seen films that were not fun, but still think theyre brilliant.

Dont start putting limitations on what developers envision for their games, otherwise we just end up stuck in more of a rut of yearly COD releases and clones.

Whilst I dont mind that too much, its nice to get something different every now and then to push the boundaries.

TheRealTedCruz3292d ago

Being that I only have one more post, I will try and cover this as best as I can.

It's because what he wants to create can be done better in other mediums.

A videogame is just that, a game. Does that mean it can't have a deep, satisfying story that makes you think? Hell no. I prefer when games do this. However, this is normally done by crafting the story around engaging gameplay mechanics. When the story itself gets in the way of fun - something that a game is supposed to be - or promotes the lack of legitimate gameplay mechanics, then I argue it's more detrimental than it is positive. It's surely not a proper videogame.

Saying this shouldn't be isn't me restricting developers. It's me being against something that, if more people jumped on board with, would be taking away from what makes this medium different than the others.

SpecialK3292d ago

Fair enough.

I think its a grey area when you get games like these. Im not sure id call a game like this a video game in the traditional sense. Its somewhere in between games and film.

It might do well or it might completely fail. Its a risk but one that makes it more exciting.

It might not strictly be a video game like others. But its interesting none the less.

Might rent heavy Rain so Ive got a better idea about it all. its interesting seeing such a different approach to what kind of experience you get on a console

DigitalRaptor3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

When was the last time you were able to change the outcome of a film based on your actions and engagement with its mechanics?

Cage enjoys the interactivity that comes with video games, but wants to put across the mature and adult sensibilities of something you would see in an action, adventure, thriller or drama film plot. I see nothing wrong with someone attempting this in order to move forward and expand the medium.

I'll let the film 'Seven Pounds' serve as an example. It's a depressing, emotionally intense drama film, but it's enjoyable to watch. That is what Cage is trying to evoke in gamers and the industry. There's nothing wrong with substituting traditional giddy fun in games with other emotions, such as sadness, tension, love, loss etc. The only people complaining are the ones who don't like to accept that some people want to experience something fresh and more mature.

wages of sin3292d ago

Yeah, I'll pass. I play games to be entertained, not to deal with complex life issues-that's what reality is for. Heavy Rain was cool, but, it's not much of a game in the traditional sense.

coolman2293292d ago

Don't worry. I agree with you. Complex issues are fine, but that shouldn't be the only thing that you're focusing on.

TekoIie3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

Im ok with these issues being incorporated into video games but at the same time saying that your game will have a focus on "meaning, not fun" doesnt make me jump for joy....

DigitalRaptor3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

So you only watch "fun" films too? Read my comment above. There are some beautiful and tragic stories to be told in film that deal with deep emotional issues involving the human condition. There's not much different with the story that this game is trying to tell, and there's nothing wrong with trying to tell this in an interactive form such as a game. That's kinda what David Cage is trying to achieve.

By saying Heavy Rain wasn't much of a game in the "traditional sense", is like saying Fahrenheit (Indigo Prophecy) wasn't a game either, even though it was on PS2/Xbox/PC and is a critically acclaimed GAME. No one really doubted its place as a game.

Similarly, Heavy Rain is an adventure game, so "traditional" has nothing to do with it. It has puzzles, goals and most importantly, a reason to play. Games are past-times, they are meant to challenge, but as production value becomes more important, so has does investment in the narrative experience and characters. If that's not what you appreciate, then fair enough.

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