Voice actors confirm some truth to leaked PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale character lists

"Yesterday, a number of supposedly leaked and legit PlayStation All Stars: Battle Royale playable and environmental character lists surfaced via Reddit and NeoGAF. The “leaks” also included information on character stages, in-game items and game modes.

We can confirm that at least three voice actors associated with three of the above “leaked” characters have confirmed to us that they have contributed their voice to their character in PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale. We are not at liberty to reveal the identity of the actors in question or the character they voice."

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Outside_ofthe_Box3283d ago (Edited 3283d ago )

Wow if the leaks are true then wow. What a disappointment as far as the rosters goes for me personally.

That would make 20 characters total if the leaks are true and it has been confirmed that there is 20+ characters and that most likely means there will be 23-24 characters MAX.

Crash and Spyro should definitely be in the game. Hopefully they are apart of the remaining 2-4 characters left assuming the leaks are true. I would love Cloud, Sephiroth, Sora, and Solid Snake to be in the game personally though.

Big Daddy and Evil Cole are a waste of character slots in my opinion because Big Daddy could been replaced with an actual iconic PlayStation character and besides we already have Cole. Evil Cole would be nice as DLC. I would rather have Crash or Spyro in the game. Some think that Evil Cole might actually be Nathan Hale from Resistance and if it is indeed Nathan Hale then I actually don't mind.

I wouldn't mind Dante being in the game if it were the original Dante. The new DMC Dante isn't the Dante that people grew up loving so he is a waste of a character slot as well, in my opinion anyway.

I actually don't mind that Raiden could be in the game now. Yes, I'd rather have Solid Snake, but MSG4 Raiden is epic in his own right (which was why I was anticipating Metal Gear Rising at first, but then my anticipation dropped when I heard Kojima wasn't making the game and that it would be stealth, but then my anticipation for it rose back up when I saw the latest gameplay trailer).

All in all assuming that the leak is true I feel that there are 2-3 wasted characters. The lack of anything hinting that Crash and Spyro will be in the game is very disappointing to me. The absence of JRPG characters is disappointing as well. There is still hope though as there is possibly 2-4 character slots left (again assuming that the rumors are true) so all I can do is hope and pray that some of the characters I want in the game make the cut.

EDIT: @Below

No, I do not believe this website. I'm actually refering to leak that popped up 2 days ago and I don't actually believe it either, hence why I keep referring to it as leaks and rumors.

Whitefeather3283d ago

You believe this site? They're an unknown site that just says we know this from an actor that we can't say who he is or who he voices and can't confirm any thing but it's confirmed? Use some logic they're trying to get hits that's all. Also this isn't the final roster until we get confirmation so just wait and see.

SwilloTGL3283d ago

Hey, just want to say that before you knock the reliability of the site and it's sources, you should know that this "unknown" site enjoys a sucessful relationship with gaming's voice over community. They don't make up stories when it comes to voice over. All of the actors involved here have signed non-disclosure agreements with Sony and SuberBot and as such, passed on this information in the strictest of confidence to this site.

Check the link above again and the post has been updated with links back to examples of some of the interactions this site has had with the voice acting community including interviews with some of the biggest names in the business including Solid Snake's David Hayter, Commander Shepard’s Mark Meer, Duke Nukem’s Jon St. John, Nathan Drake’s Nolan North, Dante’s Reuben Langdon, James Sunderland's Troy Baker, GlaDOS’ Ellen McLain, Raiden's Quinton Flynn, PaRappa The Rapper's Dred Foxx, Sweet Tooth's J.S Gilbert, Bayonetta's Hellena Taylor, Isaac Clarke's Gunnar Wright, John Martson's Rob Wiethoff, Agent 47's David Bateson and many more besides.

This site dosen't make up voice actor information for hits. Additionally, this site was the first to confirm that a number of voice actors would be reprising their voice for PSAL-Battle Royale, for example DRed Foxx after nearly a decade returning as PaRappa The Rappa.


Nimblest-Assassin3282d ago (Edited 3282d ago )

The problem is that people are going to blame superbot if they don't have the characters

But thats the thing... you can not please everyone with the roster.

For me, I could care less about Dante, Parappa,Fat Princess, Toro, Heihaci, etc

But I accept them because they are allowing them to use those characters.

If your upset Spyro and Crash are not in the game... don't blame superbot... blame activision for not letting them use them...

If you don't like the version of Dante they have, blame Capcom

Don't like Raiden (seriously... who doesn't like raiden now...hes a GOD DAMN CYBORG NINJA!) blame Konami

Most of the third party looks like they are advertising new games... but thats not superbots choice. They can not go in and say we want this character.... the IP holder chooses who they give, or could flat out not let them have anything

Those companies hold the rights to the Ip.... so even if superbot wants a character those companies have the final say

Hell Activision would have given us Skylanders Spyro... not the one you guys loved.

Superbot is trying as hard as they can to get all the characters they can...but some studios will refuse.

After that douchy tweet from Crystal Dynamics... I knew Sqaure would dick Sony over... and they did... I doubt there will be a single JRPG character because sqaure dicked them over

You want ff and kh characters? Go blame sqaure.

Watch Versus not be an exclusive( not that its a bad thing)

You guys can't blame superbot... blame the people who have the rights to the IP's you want

Seriously, some people are so braindead, they keep harassing ND for a crash 4.

user54670073283d ago (Edited 3283d ago )

Yeah I hope there not true aswell

New Dante with Trish as a minion...
No Spyro or Crash

...No thanks

I wish Superbot would come out and debunk these leaks because it's getting me worried.

If this build is from a year ago then hopefully they've taken New Dante out because of the fan uproar over it. This game is supposed to be about fan service, why add characters no ones's a silly move

strauser3603282d ago

Stop complaining already.

user54670073282d ago (Edited 3282d ago )


I find it hillarious how your so bothered about someone elses opinions

Oh and like I'm the only one complaining take a look around troll

yabhero3283d ago

I don't think you guys are getting Solid Snake because he's licensed for Super Smash. Old Snake or Raiden makes sense.

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx3282d ago


We aren't getting Solid snake but we might get Old snake? You do realise it's the same guy right?

yabhero3282d ago

Yes I do but my point us that Nintendo uses solid snake in brawl but you expect to see him it it's direct competitor?

ThatArtGuy3282d ago

Use Big Boss. Problem solved.

rdgneoz33283d ago

You do realize the leaks or rumors 2 days ago said that it wasn't Evil Cole, it was actually Nathan Hale.

MySwordIsHeavenly3282d ago

Not sure why you got disagrees...

WeskerChildReborned3282d ago

The roster ain't that bad, i just don't like it if they include new Dante over old Dante. It just doesn't feel right for me.

Lilioups3282d ago

fail harder go cry elsewhere.

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smashcrashbash3283d ago (Edited 3283d ago )

So happy to see Sir Dan, Spike and Nariko might make an appearance. I knew that most likely Square would never give any FF characters so no disappointment here in regards with that.Also I knew that Activision would most likely not give up either Crash or Spyro. Also if Evil Cole is there not skin off my nose. I endured Young Link, Toon Link and Link and Dr Mario in SSB so no big deal there at all.And in the the end unlike the other game even if I don't get what I want now, there is always hope to get them later in DLC. So nice mix of old and new for now and I personally can't wait to play PASBR. Any chance anyone has any extra codes to spare? I am trying as hard as i can to get one but it isn't easy.Disagree all you like, I am being realistic here unlike people who seem to think Sony will spend millions on characters only to see people not buy the game for some dumb reason.

Outside_ofthe_Box3283d ago (Edited 3283d ago )

Stop assuming that people are being unreasonable and what not. If Sony can't get certain characters due to financial reasons or that publishers/developers aren't allowing them to use certain characters then I'm sure most people will understand that, I would at least.

For now I'm assuming that SuperBot can get get and use any character that they want. If they were to come out and say "we can't get X character because of Y issue" then I'll understand and stop asking for that/those character(s). Kind of like how if someone were to ask ND to make a Crash game, but someone brings to their attention that ND no longer owns the Crash IP, then I'm sure that individual will understand and stop asking for it.

Where we both agree is that we are both looking forward to PSA Battle Royale. I really want a beta code badly too.

dead_eye3283d ago

SuperBot have come out and said a lot of characters they want would take to long to get to be in the game at the beginning so hoping dlc fills in gaps. and maybe gets crash

user54670073283d ago

Your making out that anyone that has a small problem with this game or is a bit worried is not a fan or is trolling

They're called opinions stop putting other peoples down because you think they are bashing the game when they're clearly not. If someone said "This game SUCKS" then fair enough hate on them as much as you like.

Do other peoples opinions bother you that much...chill man

majiebeast3283d ago (Edited 3283d ago )

First party line up is great it has something for everyone.
Third party is severly lacking and its looking way too much as a promo tool especially for Capcom with Dino(Dante only in name).

But this build is from atleast 1 year ago. Crash and Spyro i really doubt it and i dont blame Superbot or Sony, but Activision they are probably not allowing it or only allowing skylanders spyro and fucked up tattoo crash with no old skins from ps1 gen.

Also David Hayter is still supposedly doing voice acting for the game according to Cole's voice actor. And he doesnt appear on the leaked list of minions people have posted so we could get old snake because of the mgs4 repackage with trophy's.


Outside_ofthe_Box3283d ago (Edited 3283d ago )

***"First party line up is great it has something for everyone."***

***"Third party is severly lacking and its looking way too much as a promo tool"****

I feel the same way. SuperBot did a good job at touching all areas as far as first party is concerned.

Third party is a disappointment to me and it's sad that publishers only see PSA as a way to market their game. Can't really blame them for that though. =/

Rockefellow3283d ago

Dante in name only, not "Doin."

Tonester9253283d ago

I say 1 Final Fantasy character and that's it.

Don't believe anything until it's confirmed by Superbot

Nimblest-Assassin3282d ago

I dunno... the characters I can't confirm

But those stages look pretty legit to me

Ethereal3283d ago

^ I agree. They did say that some characters could not be added because the publishers did not express interest...I want cloud, snake, and sora. Ill wait for official announcements though. I don't think evil cole is going to be in it, that would be stupid.

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