Square Enix Details Discontinued Content in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

"Final Fantasy XIV is on the track to possibly becoming one of the biggest redemptions in gaming history. Released for the PC in 2010, the game was marked by its overwhelming critical and commercial failures; numerous personnel shifts followed and the game was scaled back into a Beta stage. A significant amount of subscribers have remained since then, following the games progress from its messy launch to its now total revamp. Final Fantasy XIV 2.0 – officially named, A Realm Reborn – is on the horizon, with the promise of restoring the game to the status of a respectable MMO and re-establishing its mainstream attention."

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Fishermenofwar3283d ago

I'm giddy like a school girl.......

JoySticksFTW3283d ago

I hope this works out.

I jumped back into FFXI because I missed playing a FF flavored MMORPG.

I've been reading the dev team notes and schedule of all of the FFXIV changes and additions, and it's all pretty exciting.

So I'll probably jump into this game soon.

TitanUp3283d ago

my excitement for ff is jumping once again, if this game fails..............

Skate-AK3283d ago

Can't wait for the Nov PS3 BETA.

Lilioups3283d ago

i did order this game for version 2.0,copy coming this friday.

square enix might be many things but to fire almost the whole team that worked for ff14 and rebuild everything from scratch...engine,world,UI,anim ations,skills etc etc they have my respects for that.