Bill Gates' new project: Farming

"Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates announced a new direction Friday as he pledged $306 million in grants to develop farming in poor countries, leading the charge for corporate responsibility at a major meeting of business chiefs."

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Mr PS34376d ago

Eeh eye Eah eye ooh
And on that farm he had some Retards
Eeh eye Eah eye ooh
And he Brainwashed em here and he screwed out there money there
Made them in to mindless sheep,now there's xbots everywere
Old Bill Gates he had a farm
And he [email protected] his cows

kewlkat0074375d ago

people still think this guy is "the Devil". Everywhere you turn he is giving money to big charities and important causes.

You cannot fault the guy for being an Aggresive Businessman, which got him to where he is at now, but there are more people/corporations with money out there that do not come close, to what Gates does and gives away.

Way da Go, MS/Dell/Bono.