Dragon's Dogma 2 Will Have Quest Creation

GR: "The sequel to Dragon's Dogma will feature quest creation."

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Zack_Fair3281d ago

This is really cool.
I just hope that the difficulty increases in NG +.

lonesoul653281d ago

Same, played though it on he PS3 and half way though the + game is it was just too easy. The pit still had some challenges but you can only fall so many times till you miss exploring...

Frodosmugins3281d ago

This game is brilliant.. But never bought it cos it was missing coop! I hope they add it in the second game..
They have started adding things I hope coop is one of them..

Me my friends and cousins love coop story games this would of been perfect for us...

Lucretia3281d ago

ummmmm its a massive open world game. please tell me how a game would be able to hand 2 parties from an internet connection with all the action? no one's connection could handle that unless u had crazy fast internet.

its why elderscrolls isnt online and why two worlds coop sucked. its also why dark/demons souls limits where you can go with your partner.

the current internet can't do big open worlds coop yet. not on consoles atleast

Frodosmugins3281d ago

lol do you play games? Il give you a big example a game that I find super boring but only play for coop reasons.. ... Red Dead Redemption..

Lucretia3281d ago

why the hell is anyone comparing gta and red dead to dragons dogma?????

your telling me that something like simple shooting mechanics is harder to get right than good melee combat?.

in an online action type game lag ruins combos, the hits dont connect right.

obviously if your going to be climbing up dragons its more complicated than just running and shooting.

theres a bunch of different moves, magic spells that are so big that the game starts to take a hit itself, imagine in an online connection.

im not saying coop wouldn't be great. but its not possible for games like this with action oriented combat.

a game with un complicated shooting is easy for online games. not a game like Dragons dogma.

Lirky3281d ago

Plz no Large letterbox ok Capcom, thnx.

NeoTribe3281d ago

But will it have lasting appeal?

Gen0ne3281d ago

Love this game, I want online co-op for the next please. Me and my pawn, playing with, my homie and his pawn. That's what I'm talkin' bout.

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