TERA Announces Biggest Content Update Yet

TERA Online is a subscription-based, fantasy action MMORPG by Bluehole Studios. Recently, North American publisher En Masse Entertainment announced the largest content update ever, The Argon Queen.

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ATi_Elite3285d ago

Tera is AA and has the potential to be AAA+

The only problem is the low and mid level NPC A.I. needs to be updated cause they pretty much will just stand in line and walk right into your line of fire.

Also the "Go kill Ten of these" missions are pretty annoying.

Other than that Tera Kicks butt and the Graphics and design is friggin "SEXY"!

I stopped playing for awhile (Firefall and DayZ to blame) but now that you can offset the $15 a month by selling in game Gold I'm back playing.

MMOGames3285d ago

How much gold for game time? Haven't had a chance to look yet.

ATi_Elite3284d ago

IDK! it keeps changing cause I think players determine the Price of Tera Gold

Last I saw 200Gold was $15 but I'm sure that is WAY OLD and that was Gamers just farming and selling Gold.