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iXenon2735d ago

Well...there's always TGS, right?

SandWitch2735d ago (Edited 2735d ago )

Well... There's always patience for a couple of more years, right?

gaffyh2735d ago

If Nomura has to ever say something like, "Please focus on FF13 for now" again, I may kill someone, probably Wada.

*Plans Wada assassination*

Megaton2735d ago

You'd be doing the world a favor, gaffyh.

YxUxNO2735d ago

did you really expect it to be there?

xursz2735d ago

Seems like every SE announcement will be met with, "Where's VersusXIII?"

Regarding Gamescom, I'm actually really excited too see where SE has taken FFXIV with this new "Reborn" label. From what I've seen and read it seems like they're really trying hard to rework what they already had and make it 10x better.

Odoylerules0002734d ago

I hate to say it, (and I understand that the Kotaku rumor was supposedly debunked) but I find it really suspicious that they have NOTHING NEW to show us at Gamescon after they decided to finally break the silence and say, "No really...We're uhhh... still working on it..." If there's nothing by the next TGS we can all be pretty certain that Square/Enix was just trying to prevent a drop in market shares and silence some of the haters for a little while longer before they finally admit that they haven't been working on it. Still, I'm curious to see how they're going to try to clean up the FFXIV debacle.

slayorofgods2735d ago

Wow, I'm impressed people still remember the FFvs13 announcement, that was made before the release of Super Mario Bros. right? I'm surprised this generation remembers that.

Ramas2735d ago

i remember "Agent" announcment and starting to think that sony lied to us big time.

colonel1792735d ago

The moment they just showed a logo of Agent at E3 I knew somthing was wrong. They announced it as being made by the team who makes GTA, yet they are working on GTA5. I think is really complicated for Sony to have a Rockstar exclusive for them. The gaming industry has become greedy and careless about their fans. Developers now care about milking their games with DLC not having the best game to take advantage of one platform.

The same happened with Resident Evil PSP. They only showed a logo and never existed.

Irishguy952735d ago

Again though. Either SE's FF 13 party or TGS. Those are the rumors, those are hte know, Japanese times to reveal their japanese game. Expect to see it at them before anything else

torchic2735d ago

TGS for sure.

I think the "where is Versus XIII" questions should die, that game is on its way.

we should now start asking "where is Final Fantasy X HD"?

skrug2734d ago

Couldn't that also apply to FF X HD?

So the real question is "Where is FF7 remake"?

Nate-Dog2735d ago

Thing is though that any new announcement for Versus will come from Japan, we all know that. Plus don't forget that Versus was never actually officially announced for the West, at least not yet.

Capt-FuzzyPants2735d ago (Edited 2735d ago )

What were you expecting. Why would it make an appearance at Gamescom. The most appropriate venue for it is TGS or it's own special event. After all it is being made in Japan. I could understand people questioning it's absence at E3 but it was obvious that it wouldn't be at Gamescom.

But anyway I can't wait for news on FF14. Looking forward to trying it out on the PS3.

d3nworth12735d ago

Absents makes the heart grow fonder I suppose

princejb1342735d ago

dam thats sad no ffv13

i saw a ff7 with trophy support?

ThatsGaming2734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

There should be bets...

FF13VS vs. Last Guardian vs. Agent

Which will ship first?

Kaneda2734d ago

Can they count? 13 comes before 14... show they are showing 14.. nothing for 13 versus...

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Paballo2735d ago

if versus is not at TGS then i will consider it to be vaporware alone with Agent from Rockstar games...

NastyLeftHook02735d ago

i want versus in my ps3 by late december or its dead to me.

Wings2735d ago (Edited 2735d ago )

All I want is KH3.Everything else is junk.

CrimsonSquall2735d ago

I think if FF Versus doesn't come @ TGS then we will just drop it off our radar forever again, until some random DSigma event leaks a gameplay video and the cycle repeats itself.

Honestly, all I want is a release date and I will shut up, because this is a game that has taken my money before even seeing over 10 minutes of gameplay.

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The story is too old to be commented.

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