Mass Effect 3 Pissed Me Off

Hey guys! My name is Hartjess. I’m new to the site. This is my first post. I’m so excited! In my first post I decided to talk about Mass Effect 3...

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JellyJelly3293d ago

Playing it right now and loving every minute of it. The multiplayer which I had really low expectations on was also a pleasant surprise. It's actually really good once you level up a little.

Kin23g3293d ago

Just you wait till you see the ending, just wait.

user54670073292d ago


Arghhhhhhhhhhh!'s a Troll

badvlad3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

They shoulda left it with mass effect 1 only just like the shoulda make only 1 matrix

WitWolfy3293d ago

The ending in my head for ME 3 makes me sleep at night LOL

DaThreats3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

That girl was sexy