Pachter: "Sometimes, I add two and two and get seven..."

"After a few email exchanges with him, and pointing out what I thought was one obvious flaw in his opinion on this subject, Mr. Pachter replied, "Sometimes, I add two and two and get seven, but I still add two and two."

What was the context of this quote, and what flaw did I see in Michael Pachter's original statement? More importantly, did Mr. Pachter explain his statement after I mentioned why his original opinion made no sense, in a way that made sense? Brew yourself some coffee, and take a look at one partial email exchange with him Michael Pachter below, as well as a visual aid I hope can help with Mr. Pachter's bad math!", writes CoffeeWithGames.

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PopRocks3593283d ago

Technically the quote is out of context. He's basically saying that he takes things that he sees in the industry, makes an educated guess and winds up being totally wrong despite thinking he's on the dime.

JellyJelly3283d ago

And someone actually pays him to do it lol.

Kran3282d ago

If it paid for your home, would you go around doing it? :P

irepbtown3282d ago

No, he said 2+2=7

Nothing out of context there. He may add some correct numbers, but then includes heaps of poo. Hence he carries on to say 'but I still add two and two'.

Ares84HU3282d ago

It's amazing isn't it? The guys is almost always wrong and his "educated guesses" are really terrible. If anyone is even a little into video gaming can see what a load of BS he talks sometimes.

Wenis3282d ago (Edited 3282d ago )

Realistically, he is not 'almost always wrong'. If he were, he wouldn't have a job. Its just that we gamers like to point out every time he is wrong.. and nobody likes to point out whenever he is right. Its more fun to laugh at him when hes wrong, than to applaud him when he is right.

This actually goes for pretty much any public figure these days.

TooTall193282d ago

His weekly episode on GT are usually the highest rated videos for the week.

MaxXAttaxX3282d ago (Edited 3282d ago )

People watch his videos with hopefulness, thinking they might get some inside info or some really cool predictions that might come true.
But in the end, 2 + 2 is not 7 . . . 70% of the time.

nukeitall3282d ago (Edited 3282d ago )


2+2 is not equal to 7 a hundred percent of the time!!! XD

What Pachter really should say is, 2 + 2 + x = 7, where x is my opinion based on information from very secretive services!

and if I told you, you would be as rich as I am suckers so stop listening to me and get a real job!!! XD

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lonesoul653283d ago

takes a real man to admit he can be wrong...and shows the fact that even the things in life that seem tried and true...don't always turn out the way they were predicted

Grap3283d ago

lol. he can be wrong?... he is always wrong of course any one who has monkey brain will admit.

Hayabusa 1173282d ago (Edited 3282d ago )

But he DIDN'T admit he was wrong. He should have said "ok, I was talking out my arse, don't know why I said that, e.t.c." instead he's being defensive by playing the opinion card. His opinion isn't the issue, we all know we are all entitled to opinions. And opinions are not 100% backed up by facts, if an opinion can be verified by facts, then it's no longer an opinion, it's a STATEMENT.

M83_3283d ago

The 'educated' in educated guess is a strong word when talking about this man.

PopRocks3593283d ago

I see why he made his prediction; the problem is he completely forgot about Activision's support of the Wii. Only in that context did his prediction make no sense. If Activision had not supported the Wii at all (particularly with the CoD franchise) then Pachter's comments would have made more sense.

WeskerChildReborned3282d ago

Wow i now understand cause some of his guesses(from what i've seen) aren't always correct.

SilentNegotiator3282d ago (Edited 3282d ago )

Regardless, that quote out of context totally defines Pachter.

MEsoJD3282d ago

He might not be always right, but I enjoy his insight/opinion.

attilayavuzer3282d ago

I think what he's saying is, he usually decides what the logical answer to something is, then he knowingly spouts bullshit.

Unlimax3282d ago (Edited 3282d ago )

whats 2+2 ...GONORRHEA!!!

hellzsupernova3282d ago

omfgwtf that just got creepy

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Shok3283d ago

So he called himself an idiot basically?

jjdoyle3283d ago

exactlys, why he gets paycheck?

andibandit3283d ago

Cause he's problably still smarter than most of us.

Sgt_Slaughter3282d ago

Smarter than you: YES.

Smarter than most people on this site and the chimpanzees at the zoo: Hell NO!

Kran3282d ago (Edited 3282d ago )

So that we have someone to hate?

I mean I dont hate him personally but he can be so silly sometimes :/

Reverent3282d ago

The thing with Patcher is, he believes that wearing a suit, having a serious facial expression, having a few gaming related knick knacks in his office, and making obvious guesses will make him look like some sort of gaming prodigy.

smashman983282d ago


no pachter is an analyst who works for the share holders he doesn't care about you or what you think in the end he gets paid to make predictions and your just some whiny kid on a site that pachter will never hear about

he may not be a gaming prodigy but in the end I think he hast it better off than most of us huh

ChickeyCantor3282d ago

Knowledge. He might not predict much right. But he has insight on many key factors.

Your wage is basically linked to your knowledge and know how and the performance there of.

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YoungPlex3283d ago

No no no no, he saying he guessing and that it's not his fault he's an idiot... He's saying that if he didn't guess that he would be right, so it's okay...

What a jag! This guy is smoking CRACK! Michael Patcher is a damn idiot and tries to blame it on "Educated Guessing", does anyone really buy that shit!?!

nintendojunkie283283d ago

Yes,he did..and it's the first thing he's ever been right about.

WeskerChildReborned3282d ago

Basically and he gets paid for his guesses that are not always correct.

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Jadedz3283d ago

I just don't (for the majority of the time) agree with his opinions. He's well educated, and works long work hours (I respect his admission for higher learning).

Like I said - I disagree with his opinions, but I respect him as a person (people belittle him way too often).

miyamoto3283d ago (Edited 3283d ago )

Only those who seek the truth can read between the lines and find fact in a pile of crap Mr. Pachter says. Hes always good for a laugh noy annoyance imho. coz he csn be honestly wrong most of the time but why does he keeps on doing it again and again with his face on the line? eh?
Fanboys blinded by hate and brand loyalty will find to know the real score

PopRocks3593283d ago (Edited 3283d ago )

Oy. Let the hate train roll on I guess?

You know, just because the media tends to view core gamers as angry, hateful and immature whiners doesn't mean we have to act like it.

The man is an analyst who is simply doing his job. There's hardly a reason to use any sort of asinine wording in your comment.

tigertron3283d ago

Sometimes, eh? more like all the time.

fastNslowww3283d ago

I still fail to see the POINT of his career...

knifefight3282d ago

As long as people continue to put him under a microscope and discuss every single thing he says, his career will remain unchanged.

Stories like this one and all of our comments simply ensure that he still has the same job.

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