Is Windows 8 Really a ‘Catastrophe’ for Content Creators?

Time - Valve Software bigwig Gabe Newell has his long knives out and he’s slashing in Windows 8′s direction, going so far as to call Microsoft’s imminent operating system makeover a “catastrophe.”

It’s not the first time for Newell, who allegedly took umbrage with Windows 8 while visiting with Linux community buff Michael Larabel, who wrote “[Newell's] level of Linux interest and commitment was incredible while his negativity for Windows 8 and the future of Microsoft was stunning.”

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rufusman913289d ago

Yes, it looks like it belongs on a fucking tablet.

Nitrowolf23289d ago

It's just to user-friendly. I like overall performance boost done with it, but the interface bugs me. IDK if there is, but they should just reskin it with Window 7, but have all the boost.

Tragedy3289d ago

Diasgree. Only diference i see (from testing a release preview) is start/metro button/interface. What exactly you dont like on Win8?

sikbeta3289d ago


Duh... that's the freakin point XP W8 is optimized for Tablets and other sh*t, the rumors saying that MS wants to pull an Apple and release a closed-like OS, with the Metro interface at the top and everything would be handled from there, Valve and Bliz don't like it, but what it worked for Apple it could work for MS as well...

lonesoul653289d ago

its an attempt to push a new interface and advance how we interact with the windows OS. Been looking basically at the same GUI for 10+ years. I struggled with it or a while but have grown very fond of the new system. No one likes change...but it grows on you after a while

iXenon3289d ago

To be fair, Gabe Newell did spend years talking smack about the PS3 before he finally saw how great it is for developers...

Just sayin' let's wait it out.

palaeomerus3289d ago

"PS3 before he finally saw how great it is for developers... "

Yah. It was so amazingly great that he sent you exactly one game and that's it. The steam integration never amounted to much. Yay! Huzzah! BFD!

mcstorm3289d ago

I really don't get what peoples problem is with windows 8. I have been using it for quite a few months now on my none touch Acer laptop I have for work and I can say once you pickup how to use the OS it works very well and IMO quicker than using any other version of windows to.

The only big difference for X32/X64 users is the start menu which once is setup works better than the Windows 7 start menu because you can pin anything you want to it so you don't have to click start, all programs and then go through to the program you want. (I know you can pin things to the start menu in windows 7 but you can only pin a few)

The rest of the time I spend on the old desktop view as I use Full IE, Office 2013, VNC, Zune, Home server dash ect that all work well with Windows 8.

I the only Metro App I use is the Remote Desktop app as it is really good but apart from that I only use the Social app when someone sends me a message on twitter and facebook but its nice to have it on the start screen so I can see any updates.

The OS works very well with touch and none touch devices but because its different people are slagging it off.

Come on people change is good. Windows has looked the same since 95 and MS having a refresh is good as now we will have a choice of a Full OS on Desktop, Laptop, Ultra Books, Netbooks and Tablets which no one else offers this across all the devices.

For me I will be ditching my Laptop and picking up a Surface.

JellyJelly3289d ago

Most people bashing it probably haven't tried it. They just say it's crap because it's from Microsoft. Been here long enough to notice that trend among N4G users.

mcstorm3289d ago

That is very true. I don't see why people are going crazy over the IPad and Android Tablets anyway. I have a Xoom and even though I think its a very good tablet but I still need my Windows Laptop to print off PDF's read some web sites use Skyplayer ect.

To me MS are going the right way by giving us a full os experience across all platforms.

unchartedxplorer3289d ago

Come on guys, give it a chance. You can download the preview here and see it for yourself:

ALLWRONG3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

Gabe Newell doesn't like MS (right now) because they didn't embrace Steam. Has nothing to do with Windows 8, much like his hate toward the PS3 at the beginning had nothing to do with PS3. All that ended when Sony agreed to add Steam to PSN. As long as MS refuses Steam Gabe Newell will continue to whine. Windows 8 will also focus heavily on Live and the next Xbox, again no Steam on Xbox. Newell gets angry when he doesn't get his way.

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