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Resident Evil 5 blows. Steven Hansen explains why.

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sinncross3286d ago (Edited 3286d ago )


You can't hide forever!!!!

CallMeZoidberg3286d ago

Here, here. That game's weaksauce. Afraid RE6 is going to be worst.

MWH3286d ago (Edited 3286d ago )

if RE5 blows than i don't know what you'll make of RE6. try the demo if you can, then, i believe you'll appreciate what RE5 had to offer.

other than terminating Wesker, i liked RE5. it may be the last good RE for God knows how long if Capcom insisted on going this rocky path.

awesomeoutof3286d ago

If they've managed to make it worse, as impressive as that would be, that still doesn't make Resident Evil 5 good.

I assume Saw IX is worse than Saw VIII, but that doesn't mean Saw VIII is any good.

MWH3286d ago (Edited 3286d ago )

yes i think it would be a problem if people can't stop comparing it to past RE games, not saying that this is wrong but if you managed to separate yourself from the comparison and considered RE5 as a game of its own you most probably will agree that it's a very good action game.

however; yes, i thought RE5 was trying to fish on the success of RE4 and that Capcom would certainly go forward in improving the survival-horror genre next but with RE6 it's now obvious that they decided to take the action path instead.

however; i still believe that they probably want to finish the story with the known characters before taking the direction back to roots. if you think about it, the whole world is exposed to the viruses now and with the current characters and events the game is bound to take the action path. it's absurd to have the same characters go through the same survival-horror over and over.

i'm betting that if RE6 concluded, RE7 will be the game we all want.. most of us at least.

awesomeoutof3286d ago

The comparison is warranted, though, when RE5 tries as hard as it did to ape RE4 and then mishandles it that badly.

RE5's entire opening sequence is a terribly flawed version of RE4's and its gameplay is based off the same framework (which was unique to RE4 at the time)

That being said, I don't think it's a good action game, either. 4 being so much better just happens to expose 5's flaws further. It's still a creatively bankrupt amalgam of a bunch of different action games -- games that I don't think are particularly inspired in and of themselves (like Gears of War). It's just more insulting that it presents this soulless game within a shell of RE4.

Once upon a time, Chris looked like a human and the game had more color than brown, tan, and sepia. That Capcom saw monotone brown and burly muscle heads were in vogue and pulled a monkey see, monkey do is obvious. ( http://www.awesomeoutof10.c...

It's made more obvious by how closely RE5 tries to follow RE4's winning framework (ruining it in the process). Clearly the people working on it didn't have unique ideas of their own or were told to make it more standardized by higher ups, possibly due to Capcom's fear of creating original content, as exposed by Inafune after he left Capcom.

MWH3286d ago (Edited 3286d ago )

your argument is solid in general i can't deny it but still i did enjoy RE5 and i'm a veteran RE fan. obviously this is because we experianced RE4 not too long ago and we wanted more, even if it wasn't the same experience, i did enjoy the game.. but enjoying and liking are little different perhaps.

but i have to say, when i tried RE6 demo i instantly felt the terribly path the game is taking and the following thought was "i'm done with RE"

call me too optimistic but i somehow believe Capcom wants to conclude before heading back and maybe reinvent the survival-horror genre.. but if i'm wrong then i'm done for good. simple but unfortunate.

awesomeoutof3286d ago

I've not yet had a chance to play the RE6 demo, but, if the trailer is any indication, the game is going full tilt away from RE4. And seemingly trying to appeal to everyone at once with three different stories.

Leon's looks to play something like Vanquish, Chris' to play like Battlefield/Gears, and so on.

While I'd love to think Capcom is trying to cap off all the Resident Evil canon, they did a lot of that with RE5. And with RE4 they proved that they could just ignore most of it and still make a great game. Nothing in Capcom's recent history points to them wanting to do something new. Even Dragon's Dogma was just Capcom riffing on the open world WRPG formula, while Dead Rising and Lost Planet were developed in secret.

Still, I'd love to be proven wrong. Ball is in Capcom's court. Until then, the indie scene is serving up plenty of bone chilling experiences, at least!

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BuLLDoG9093286d ago

the downfall of the resi series was with resi4,
i probably would of liked that game even more if they had called it something different then resident evil(like they done with DMC which was originally going to be the next resi at he time, but became too much of a different game , so they changed the name)