Saitek Eclipse II Review

The Eclipse 2 takes the innovations built into the Eclipse and improves them with a load of features.

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Eclipse Sale Makes Omni Link (hybrid VN) Dirt Cheep And Supports Comic Counterpart

Omni Link: The hybrid visual novel / top-down shooter, offers two types of sales leading up to the Eclipse! A huge slash in price 50% off, or a donation to it's Comic Kickstarter that will net you the game, the comic, and other rewards for cheap. Only good for this week.

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White Elk Studios’ Eclipse Coming to Google Daydream

The Playstation VR title now gets Daydream support.


Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Eclipse DLC Review - More of The Same | COG

COG: Eclipse, the 2nd DLC map pack for Black Ops 3, includes the standard 4 multiplayer maps & a new zombie experience. In the end, this DLC is more of the same.

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Digital_Anomaly2714d ago

More of the same yet the bros keep buyin......

seanpitt232714d ago

I will wait for the free weekend in a couple of months I think.

GrapesOfRaf2714d ago

At least it looks good. Whoever decorated the maps did a nice job.

generalwinter2714d ago

More of the same sums up a lot of DLC unfortunately

jriquelme_paraguay2714d ago

More of the same but people complaining about sci fi and too much futuristic... wtf