5 Ways 'Diablo 3' Could Have Been So Much Better

Forbes - Instead of focusing on controversial issues like the Real Money Auction House or the Always-Online requirement, I want to focus on a handful of ways that Diablo III could win me over as a gamer simply through gameplay innovation.

I realize that not all of these ideas will appeal to every Diablo player. I’m not nearly the sort of Diablo fan that many others are, and so if my suggestions strike you as heretical or dangerous or something even worse please let me know – in no uncertain terms – down in the combox just what you think.

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Jadedz3289d ago

Love the, "Dat..." face xD.

StayStatic3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

I was in Denial before but Activision needs to go

Underneath it all Diablo 3 is a good game, just needs work that won't be done underneath the mighty overlord bobby kotick ,probably sell us a map pack , flea baying all activsion products tomorrow except blizzard titles of course SC2 & D3 are great except the known issues with D3 , let the purge begin and hope they split soon.

Maybe Valve should buy them :D

P.S. I was robbed of gold for items I sold tonight , never turned up in my stash (place where it turns up after sending it there from the auction house).

majiebeast3289d ago

1.Finding a good item once in awhile, for a game about loot and insane items its severly lacking in that department.
3.A good story this one was just bad especially how a certain person dies in the game by a villain ripped straight out of wow or power rangers.
4.Make group play compelling instead of punishing there is a reason that noone does pub games.
5.Actual pvp not the arena style wow crap they are trying to jam down people's throats.

MeatAbstract3289d ago

I went back to Diablo III this evening because I hadn't played for some time. After awhile, I realised why I stopped playing. Gear is just randomized and you need the AH to buy new gear in order to progress once you get onto harder difficulties.

I wouldn't mind if you could contact players for trading to have somekind of community that works together to over come the later difficulty (such as Demon's Souls/Dark Souls) but you don't. So you're stuck finding random gear that 98% of the time, doesn't benefit your character.

So yeah, I agree with you.

CLOUD19833289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

I suggest to all the disappointed Diablo fans out there who search for an ARPG similar to D2 but with TOP modern graphics & lot of new ideas to spice things up to try "Path of Exile" this game will offer exactly what r u looking for unlimited char builds, free customization of active/passive skills on any way u like & extreme re-playability that is certain to keep u coming back asking for more.

Forget this garbage WoW devs from ActivBlizz create, that thing is a lost case it's too late now, what they did to it is beyond repair, it was expected to get this result w/o the original creators from Blizzard North on the lead, the same thing happen already on almost all of my favorite game franchises FF,RE,SH exactly for the same reasons, nothing can be done.

At least I'm glad there is still talented devs like GGG on the industry dedicated to create a game true to the spirit of Diablo for the true fans of the genre & the love & dedication of this small indie studio put to shame a multibillion company who just create soulless games for the brainless masses anymore.

NeoTribe3289d ago

Umm u need to quit lieing right now... path of exile is good but is not even on the same level as diablo. I liked path of exile enough to donate 25 bucks to them because I see they could ONE DAY make a reallllly good game. Path of exile is a copy paste of diablo 2. They are abvious fans of diablo so they pretty much cloned it to the T. My thing is d2 is gone and I don't feel like playing games that copy it anymore. Been there done that for 4 years playin d2 so path of exile just got boring. Plus the animations and quality is nowhere near blizzards d3. Trust me blizzard is gonna fix the few probs it has with d3. I hope the rmah is removed because to me that's the biggest fuckup they made. So yeah if u want to play diablo 2 again with a different name path of exile is a good place to start. Some people just can't let diablo 2 go. I'm glad d3 is way different and not the same old crap.

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