5 Stages we'd like to see in Playstation All-Stars

OnlySP writes: The battle is inching ever closer. Three months until every Playstation fan on Earth calls in sick, invites their friends over, and yells enough profanities to make a sailor blush. Yes, Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale is coming soon, but here’s the thing; not every stage has been revealed yet. So, to pass (read: waste) time, we’re making a list of 5 stages based on Sony titles that we’d like to see in the full game, in no particular order.

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Relientk773285d ago

Sandover Village is in the full game

HebrewHammer3285d ago

Oh man, a stage atop a colossus - now THAT is an awesome idea.

Tonester9253285d ago

I want to see that Train stage that was in the first trailer when it was codenamed "Title Fight"

Relientk773285d ago

That would be an awesome level to play on

maxcon3285d ago (Edited 3285d ago )

Hey its RealityPales! Colossus level would be awesome. I'd love to see some sort of rendition of the uncharted 3 sinking boat. Fight while the stage slowly gets smaller and smaller.

EDIT: In reply to hebrewhammer. I'm not RealityPales, he is.

aDDicteD3284d ago

i would like to see a shadow of the colossus stage and as well as a stage for the metal gear series

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