Will Wii U win over customers?

Six years ago, Nintendo rewrote the video game rule book. This year the company hopes to do it again.

In 2006 the Japanese gaming powerhouse surprised everyone by allowing games played on its Wii console to be controlled with near-normal actions such as hitting a ball with a tennis racquet or baseball bat, or standing on a board that sensed movement well enough to tell if a player was off-balance.

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NastyLeftHook03283d ago

wii u has won me over, its not all about graphics ok, metroid zelda and mario are games i need to have.

morkendo233283d ago (Edited 3283d ago )

WII-U could WIN me over if!!!! Nintendo break-out with SNES portfolio. not only Mario,Zelda,Metroid
that would surely win me over anyday than FPS,MULTIPLAYER only games now days, ba-ba-ba-boring.

PygmelionHunter3283d ago

Battletoads is owned by Rare, lol.

DA_SHREDDER3283d ago

With HD graphics, a streamlined psn like online with that nintendo charm, 3rd party support, and a solid first party lineup and it will be inevitable for them to rule the gaming space.

NastyLeftHook03283d ago

yeah if the online is anything like psn it would be good, because i like deals like ps+.

urwifeminder3283d ago

I tried a sony this gen but i think i will go for nintendo next now that they are hd new xbox as well as my lovely pc.

HebrewHammer3283d ago

Let's just wait for all the players to show their cards.

remanutd553283d ago (Edited 3283d ago )

hopefully it gets appealing exclusive games, i'm getting ZombiU at launch, lets see what else grabs my attention

legend9113283d ago

Disagrees? What fanboys even come into these article? It's just a preference, leave the man alone.

KMCROC543283d ago

Was looking forward to trying one out just to see what that Zombie U would be like, but seeing as it maybe ported to Xbox & Smart Glass. No need to buy one now or even bother none of the other games interest me.

Puddlejumper753283d ago

Yeah you enjoy that smart glass. I am sure the lack of buttons or analog sticks on your smart phone might be an issue but I am sure you will figure it out.

Obviously you just read about it somewhere but fail to comprehend what it actually is.

KMCROC543283d ago

You mean the App that in some way resembles Apple Airplay,but going a bit further by allowing me to use my soon to be released win8 pro tablet along side my Xbox or Win 8 mobile. if i decide to get one also, but in short giving me more screens & options. Yes i will enjoy my new App & ecosystem , will learn to use them w/o buttons till someone creates accessories for it. will also be enjoying that Zombie game when ported by Ubisoft .

legend9113283d ago

This, which they think will beat the Wii-U. Oh well.

PopRocks3593283d ago

There's no guarantee it will be ported either. Matter of fact if the Wii U version doesn't at least moderately well, I wouldn't count on it.

KMCROC543283d ago

If they go by these plans or comments it good very well be ported w/ out any kind of sales #s deciding the outcome.

PopRocks3593283d ago

Well, congrats. You linked me a completely speculative article which doesn't list anything at all suggesting that the game will ever actually be ported.

The other issue is if it ever even does, it will require you to buy more than one device to even play it (whether it be SmartGlass for 360 owners or a Vita for PS3 owners).

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The story is too old to be commented.