MW3 Multiplayer snipers only/no snipers being added

Modern Warfare 3 has been out for about 7 months and some gamers want new game modes added. This is why they are going to be adding 2 new game modes very soon snipers only and no snipers.

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X-Factor3286d ago

Good info. Thanks for the news update and the links on additional game modes.

PoSTedUP3286d ago

good i hate no scopers.

sniping only would be total chaos unless people agreed to no crossing like socom did. hell the socom community created their own game modes. paintball, hide and seek, snipers no cross etc. the socom community is the shit.

X-Factor3286d ago

sniping only WOULD be awkward... To me. But the article provided some other possible game modes. That got me more interested than anything else.

No Snipers in BF3 would be good. Dang i hate being shot from butt-freakin nowhere. And there's no Killcam so you don't know where the mofo that shot you is unless you know the map like the back of your hand.

Wingsfan243286d ago

Good to see they're adding that in. I still would like to see some MLG variant in the for Search and Destroy though.

outlawlife3286d ago (Edited 3286d ago )

this is nice for the people who get annoyed by the kids running around using rifles like shotguns

I hate what the snipers turned into in the modern warfare series. Every game it gets easier to exploit the auto aim and every game snipers becomes more and more cheap.

ChronoJoe3286d ago

Yeah in COD4 I used to snipe because it wasn't 100% assisted and it wasn't all that easy. Now with all the aim assist and instant-quick scoping it's so easy.

It's like rolling a dice when you meet a sniper because I know my SMG can't kill them faster than they can get a shot off so they have about a 1/3 chance of putting me down with sheer luck alone. Bullshit.

matt19913286d ago

Didn't they say this would be a game mode like 4 months before the game even came out.

Scenarist3286d ago

these things are already possible on the PC .. via server adjustments... and yea somehow they are ranked...

anyway.. add some REAL new game modes... something that we cant do ourselves

b4mw33281d ago

LOL private matches you can do it on ps3 xbox and wii too. That does not count. we are talking real game modes part of the game silly guy.
this was the most voted for game mode wanted for a reason.

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