NVIDIA has Two GeForce GTX 660's, A Ti and Non-Ti model

Talking about performance here, the 660Ti would be able to perform well against the HD 7950 with an expected 3D Mark 11 score of X2700 points while the 660 (Non-Ti) would performance equivalent to the Pitcairn based counterparts from AMD. Prices of the 660Ti go around $299 while the 660 (non-Ti) would be available for $229 or less, depends on NVIDIA.

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ProjectVulcan3289d ago

As per usual Nvidia look to come good in the midrange segment, really good. Fantastic news for the consumer. The Ti will force down prices and bring superb performance for $299 if these reports are accurate

CryWolf3289d ago

True Gamers graphics cards power is with Nvidia why haven't Microsoft jump this for there Next-Gen Console already.

Kurylo3d3289d ago

because both sony and microsoft are cheap bastards. They skimp out on the gpu which is the most important aspect of gaming.

Ati is cheaper then nvidia. Nvidia is higher quality. Most people wont notice a difference, but imagine a console that had nvidia physx built in.. No longer would it just be a gimick, but a truely interactive world.

Too bad.

Wuu3289d ago

ATI is better at price/performance/energy consumption/reliability. Even Apple jumped Nvidia GPU's after huge loses from Nvidia faulty GPU's, couple years ago.

Nvidia is still god at advertising, feeding fan-boys and dominating at high end PC gamer market. Last 5xx-6xx series cards is pure awesomeness.

But if you are Microsoft, you don't need Nvidia stiker on your box to sell it, so they look for price/performance/energy consumption/reliability. If you look at clear market share, GPU per device, AMD is dominating Nvidia.