$60 Games Just Aren't Worth It

With the cost of retail video games at a steep $60, Travis from examines what you really get for your money with $60 games, and why it's just not worth it.

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3282d ago
LOGICWINS3282d ago

Considering that you can get them in a months time for $20 off(or even half price), yes, paying $60 for a regular edition of a game isn't worth it.

ATi_Elite3281d ago

Who the heck pays $60 for a Game!!

Pre-Order Special or Post Release Sale is where it's at!

STEAM! the home of the non $60 video game!!

CBaoth3281d ago

some PC gamers are also guilty. From November to January I watched the Steam charts and always saw MW3 and Skyrim in the top 20. Sad but true.

Hell I spent $32 on Bethesda's latest turd and it still feels like I overspent. Should've just waited for Morrowind Overhaul 3.0 mod...

Irishguy953282d ago

Specially when they're short *** games

Emilio_Estevez3282d ago

A game is worth whatever someone will pay, it's just a matter of how bad to people really want it.

I buy only few games at $60, most I'll wait til they are under $30

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travisefreese3282d ago

the author makes a great point about indie games. you can buy them new and get lots of fun out of them for a cheap price. the only problem, usually, is their replay value. there isn't one...

AngelicIceDiamond3282d ago

Lol, the aurthor doesn't make a good point. You can buy 5 indie games that offer an 1hr of gameplay, for what, 2$? That's 10 bucks ripped away from you for 5 hrs of total gameplay from 5 different indie games. That 10 bucks could be used for a arcade game instead of horrible little indie games.

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The story is too old to be commented.