WWE Commentator Talks About Working On WWE ’13

Good ol’ JR is popular amongst WWE fans for calling some of the greatest WWE matches during the Attitude Era. Although he’s sorely missed as a commentator on WWE TV, THQ will be bringing him back as a commentator in the Attitude Era-themed title, WWE ’13.

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iXenon3283d ago

Good ol' JR. I wish he would call matches on PPV

WeskerChildReborned3283d ago (Edited 3283d ago )

I miss his commentary. He is alot better than Michael Cole who is really annoying IMO.

optimus3283d ago

For me, there is none better than vince mcmahon. I would say 80% of today's fans don't know or forgot he did that... JR is ok but towards the end of his run he would over exaggerate the simplest of moves. There were times i thought he would blow a gasket or something. I actually sat home fearing for his life.

iXenon3283d ago

That's what made it fun.

Also, almost 80% of WWE's viewership are adult men, so I'm sure they all remember Vince being a commentator.

optimus3283d ago (Edited 3283d ago )

Actually it's closer to teens and younger. When the wwe realized this they toned down their content in order to get that pg rating (it used to be tv-14 or whatever they called it)... Their merchandise sells to the much younger crowd. They even came out with a kid version of their magazine...

vince got off the commentary just before the attitude era which was in the early to mid 90's when most of these young adult fans today were still in diapers and have now gotten their kids in to it.

JR going crazy wasn't that fun for me, there were times i would cringe just thinking he just swallowed razor blades...

If you want to hear how a match should be called, look up old matches with vince behind the mike and you'll see what i mean.
Vince was able to add character to wrestlers that didn't have any...if they would have vince commenting on this game i would pre-order tomorrow, but that isn't likely...maybe in a future game highlighting the 80's? *crosses fingers*