Backlog Quest: Day 29 – Rogue Warrior – Just really f’n bad | Clearance in Review

Backlog Quest is a month long special event on Clearance Bin Review featuring daily game reviews of the games that have sat on the shelf for simply too long; old and new.

From Day 29 – Rogue Warrior, Tristan Rendo writes, "Some games should just be left in the backlog, there have been a couple of those during Backlog Quest, and sadly Rogue Warrior joins the party. Based very loosely on former Navy SEAL Richard Marcinko, Rogue Warrior is best described as a Reagan era Republican’s wet dream. The game’s story is that of a lone Navy SEAL defying orders to prevent Soviet hostilities from reaching full-blown nuclear war with the United States. Admittedly, this could have been something to get into, the one-man army (read: Rambo) style army thing, but the results are just a complete mess."

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BringingTheThunder3893d ago

i read that as 3.5/5 and i got angry, glad i was wrong the game sucks