Halo 4: Essential Reading

XMNR: With the launch of Halo 4 coming in November, we’ve seen questions crop up recently along the lines of “Do I need to read any of the Halo novels and if so, which ones should I read?” We’ve put together this all to brief and spoiler-free column of our suggestions of which of the Halo novels you should read and why.

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AO1JMM3286d ago (Edited 3286d ago )

Read them all. Just waiting for The Thursday War and the last forerunner saga Halo: Silentium.

bubblebeam3286d ago

I just started reading Contact Harvest last night, read the 4 previous books. Still got Cole Protocole and the new ones, like Primordium and Cryptum.

Hooby3286d ago

The fal lof Reach is probably the most important as far as defining the time period of the Halo games, but cryptum and primordium are extremely important in defining what will happen in Halo 4 and beyond.