Where You Can Get Codes For The Playstation All Stars Beta

The Playstation All Stars Beta has begun, but not everybody was lucky enough to get a code. But not all is lost, because there are still a few places giving them out for free. With some luck and patience, you could be playing the beta too.

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Nimblest-Assassin3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )


Im usually good with these, got into Resistance 4, Dead Space 2 and rachet and clank with these

Sorry... i pushed the 4 instead of 3... sue me

Wingsfan243293d ago

Dude, yea, didn't you hear? There's betas for Battlefield 4, Resistance 4, Killzone 4, Call of Duty MW4, Dead Space 4, Gears of War 4, Mass Effect 4...haha if only :P

RockmanII73293d ago

Seth Killian seems to be tweeting a few codes a day.

BiggCMan3293d ago

The current beta is over for anyone that didn't know. It was only 48 hours, but they are re opening the servers on August 3rd and 4th for another 48 hours. I hope for 2 things. I hope that people that got into the first beta session will still be able to play with our old downloads. I also hope that there is more beta events after next weeks event. Personally, I feel they need more than two, 2 day beta events to iron out things from the consumers responses.

Ares84HU3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

double post, sorry...

Ares84HU3292d ago

Guys, don't bother with it. It's a really, really bad game. I'm in the beta, so I know.

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HebrewHammer3293d ago

I'm already playing PlayStation All-Stars 2

NeXXXuS3293d ago

Blu-ray is capable of holding every playstation character inside of a single game. Why would there be a second? :P

HebrewHammer3293d ago

Because they're leaving a lot of characters out of the first.

NeXXXuS3292d ago

you know i was making a joke, right...

GTRrocker6663293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

You got me excited for a second. I really thought there was a resistance 4 for like 2 seconds

Skate-AK3293d ago

Luckily I do too. The last one I got into was the LBP Karting.

Nimblest-Assassin3293d ago

Yeah... turned on my ps3 and the beta is just there for carting

Hop the same for all-stars

Sono4213292d ago

lol same here, it was a nice surprise to turn it on and see it there waiting for me :D

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smashcrashbash3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

It's annoying how people are already whining about the characters. They are already griping about which version of this character they are or aren't using. They expect every character that they called out to appear by magic or something.

I don't understand Sony fans sometimes you know.Nintendo fans accepted every outdated, don't belong, unimportant, copy (Young link, Link and Toon Link) in SSB without a single groan or outrage but people are crying because they MIGHT have evil Cole as a character or the fact that no Final Fantasy characters might be in there or that there aren't enough PS1 characters. We already have Sweet Tooth, Sir Dan, Spike and Parapper plus several first party character but everyone wants every single character from the PS1 days no matter how implausible or impossible for them to be in there.

I knew from the beginning that I wouldn't get every character I wanted and how difficult it must be to get certain ones. I am sure Activision won't be giving up Crash or Spyro without asking big bucks or maybe even refusing outright. I thought that Sony fans would be more reasonable then this but once again I overestimate the sensibility of a gamer in this gen.

@ ZeroX9876. I understand. It would be nice to have Cloud and all the people that make up the PlayStation brand. but business doesn't work that way. If it is too much money to get the character or the developer just plain refuses to give it up you have to understand the reality of it. I expect Sony fans to be grown up about it and not talk about boycotting and trying to drag down the whole game just because they are not getting every single character they print on a list. Not to mention DLC is still an option and we could still get what we want later. I would love to have Spyro and Crash I really do. But Activision is not going to give them up just because someone tells them to. They may not think it is a good idea or want to much money or don't see it as a good investment. But i am not going to let their absence drag the whole game down for me. Parapper, Sir Dan, Spike and Sweet Tooth is plenty nostalgia for me

ZeroX98763293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

what people wants is characters that marked the playstation brand along it`s life. And we all know that 3 FF games are in the top 10 best selling games of PS1 (maybe top 15, but still!), so including one of those characters is giving credits to the franchise that helped launch the playstation brand. I want one from FF and that`s it, no need for 2. We only got 1 character per franchise so far anyway.

I`m still very happy with the character we got so far and I`ll buy the game no matter what the next characters are. The game is awesome, the stages are fantastic and the characters are extremely different from each other. no clones!

NeXXXuS3293d ago

Needs more Legend of Dragoon.

Ducky3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

What does this have to do with the article? O.o

EDIT: Visiting the article again, I'm assuming it's about the single comment in the article? Not sure if a single comment is worth ranting over like that.

Soldierone3292d ago

If Mario or Link or some major character was missing from SSB you know Nintendo fans would be complaining about it....

Sony fans just want similar iconic characters in this game, and instead they keep announcing newer not as requested ones. Dark InFamous characters instead of friggin Crash Bandicoot, THE icon of PS1......

DragonKnight3292d ago

@smashcrashbash: "Nintendo fans accepted every outdated, don't belong, unimportant, copy (Young link, Link and Toon Link) in SSB without a single groan or outrage."

Yeah, that's a lie. I can even use one character to prove you wrong. The absence of this one character is always talked about in any Super Smash game. That character being King K. Rool. They have his stage, they even have his music, but people want HIM in it and have never gotten him. You need to do some more reading.

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WeskerChildReborned3293d ago

Dang i hate having to make a social site just to get some beta codes :P

Skate-AK3293d ago

Haha yeah I made mine back when there was a Blur beta and they were giving away keys. I was pissed after I found out it was a 360 excuslive beta.

KingGrimmjow63293d ago

Wow so all u needed to do is make a social media account & follow superbotent... Wow and i already have one a twitter account but never followed SuperBotEnt.

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