Ouya: How it aims to revolutionize console gaming

In the past two weeks, something beautiful has been happening over at KickStarter. It's only been nineteen days since fundraising for the OUYA has begun, but in those nineteen days, the project has managed to raise more than five million dollars. It has earned so much money, in fact, that as of this moment, the OUYA is the second most-funded product in KickStarter history. However, even though it has that much going for it, many people are still wondering what exactly the OUYA is.

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GribbleGrunger3283d ago (Edited 3283d ago )

first the games that where on phones would kill the console and now these games are on a console, they're going to revolutionise consoles. Where do these people drag themselves from in order to spew this drivel?

here's the truth: Consoles are going nowhere. The 360 IS a success, the PS3 IS a success and the WiiU WILL BE a success. So now instead of admitting they're wrong, they try another angle and claim they have a revolutionary new console.

Look, if you're happy selling to little kids, fashion victims, housewives and ignorant, spotty-nosed thugs, then go ahead. Just don't expect the more mature gamers (those that have dedicated hours and hours into maintaining this industry by buying real games and supporting a console of their choice) to suddenly think that going backwards is a revolution

If this IS a huge success then this industry is in BIG trouble. They'll enjoy huge sales and then, when the fad wears off and the people who bought it move onto another fad (probably fluffy-dice earings or trousers that actually fit) the industry will stall and come crawling to MS, Nintendo and Sony to try and get it back on track.

Kos-Mos3283d ago

Isnt this industri about making fad after fad like mobile phones? 2 new models every year.

Slapshot823283d ago

Yes, and that's a big problem for Android developers. Again, this plays into Ouya's favor, as the specs wont change and the developers don't have to constantly update their games to fit every new phone, and it's ever changing OS.

BattleAxe3283d ago

Any console that advocates hacking of the OS ect...ect... is going to be a pretty crappy experience for the hardcore gamer who wants to join into an online game, and play that game the way it was meant to be played. Ouya's hacking problems will be twice as bad as the thanks. Not to mention, I would never buy something called "Ouya".

megacowdung3283d ago

It probably will be a huge success because it can give the little people a voice. Video games are being dominated by corporations and they are just shoving the same games at us every year. All we look forward to is the next CoD, or Battlefield, or Madden NFL, or something. The OUYA is built off of android icecream sandwich so it will be easy for people like you and me to develop video games for it and have our voice in the video gaming world. Yes it's not going to be a HUGE voice that will turn everything around (it might though) but it's a start to show Activision and EA that we can live without them and to get sales they will have to impress us.

Think of the OUYA like youtube. You can have a say in the world if your youtube channel is popular. Some of the people on there are awesome but they would have never gotten a show on mainstream media (TV.) Youtube lets them have their voice in the world for free. That is what the devs of OUYA wanted. Come on now, they said it's fine if you even root/hack the system just because...

SwiftArsonist3283d ago

i guess we have to wait and see. looks good on paper.

Slapshot823283d ago

This past generation of consoles has indeed been great, many of the triple-A titles have been fantastic, but at the same time, the industry's budgets are shrinking, and that's why we're seeing the indie explosion on digital services.

This is the perfect time for a system like Ouya to launch. While some will desire their online multiplayer, it's the new single player indie games that have me excited about Ouya, and pushed me to back the project. Limbo, Super Meat Boy and Bastion are but a few of the recent indie games that made me proud to be a gamer again in this past generation, and far exceeded my pleasure than the likes of the triple-A titles.

Ouya will be flooded with shovelware, and it will have its issues, but if it get 10+ great indie titles, I'll be pleased with my money spent on the system. But, I'm expecting to gain much more momentum than that. While I don't think it will exactly 'revolutionize' console gaming, I think it will be a central hub for us that enjoy indie games, and that's a good thing for me.

sorceror1713283d ago

I have an Ouya already.

No, really. The Asus Transformer Prime has the same h/w, HDMI out, and can use PS3 controllers wirelessly. I've hooked it up to my TV and played games that way.

The graphics are *not* as good as my PS3's, but they're all right. A bit better than the original XBox, say. (Tested with Shadowngun THD, Dead Trigger, and Max Payne (but that's a PS2 convert).)

For $99... *maybe*. It *might* find a niche. The Prime costs... rather a lot more.

WeskerChildReborned3283d ago

I think it would be good for people who have interest in either Onlive or just indie games cause you're most likely not gonna see a AAA title being made except for the ones that will exist through Onlive.

Also can you play online games through Onlive or no? Cause Onlive wouldn't use Xbox Live or Playstation Network so what kinda service would they use?

Slapshot823283d ago

Yes, according to our last Ouya update, you can play Onlive games straight through the Ouya console.

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faysal3283d ago

these days the word "revolutionize" being used on everything... the meaning of this is word is completely dead.

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