Should GTA V Bring Back the Lunacy?

Up until Grand Theft Auto 4, the GTA series was basically defined by massive sandboxes, crazy missions and so much to do it made your eyes spin. Whether it be stealing a tank while an army captain goes for a drink in Vice City or piloting an actual jetpack straight from under the noses of the military in San Andreas, they were games filled with humour and some of the most memorable missions in gaming history.

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ApolloTheBoss3286d ago

YES. That's what made it fun playing: Doing things you can't do in real life. I prefer not to have realism in video games.

LOGICWINS3286d ago

So you wouldn't mind if several of the main characters in GTAV were talking animals?

What about killing an innocent bystander in broad daylight without ANY reaction from NPCs?

The realism is what makes GTA's world engrossing and immersive.

PoSTedUP3286d ago

san andres HD remake for the Vita please.

Patriots_Pride3286d ago

@Logig - so you like playing games that have you doing the following:

Get text messages and calls from your friends and gf.

Go bowling

Go on dinner dates with [email protected] dudes

Chat online at the internet cafe

watch cable tv in your apartment

spray your car with 4 diffrent colors

Buy used stuff to wear

Ride a Taxi

fight hobos

play darts

Shitty car and player controlling

Can fly planes

Can not explore the map until you progress a mission

Small map

Go play The Sims sounds like it right up your alley.

LOGICWINS3286d ago

^^Yeah, I enjoy playing the Sims as well.

Nexgensensation3286d ago

no offense! If anything the character should look like Ice T.

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StraightPath3286d ago

nah gta is too classy for that now. But they still do it subtle. Saints row was a pile of garbage compared to gta games. Was fun for like hour or so?..the city in saints row 3 was absoulutely dull an not live.

gta should do fun stuff still though.

NastyLeftHook03286d ago

gta is classy now huh? news to me. and gta is one of my favorite series, but it is not classy at all.

blackhammer3286d ago (Edited 3286d ago )

The second Saints Row was more ridiculous than even GTA San Andreas. The Third went somewhere beyond...

GTA has not become too classy. Sequels in the GTA series don't really need to be measured to one another, because there is little to no continuity.

It can still go back and bring back some silly shit from San Andreas. We can still Beat the Cock.

WeskerChildReborned3286d ago (Edited 3286d ago )

If it allows very little realism then nothing would really seperate it from Saints Row.

GTA is in a league of itself and the reason why is because it's basically realistic even back along time ago, it was realistic at the time. Not like little details but it was realistic unless you put the cheats on.

PoSTedUP3286d ago

i love realism, but i also love cheat codes. sometimes nothing is better than driving and killing a bunch of people without repercussions from the cops (haha that sounded sick). they need to make more cheat codes and the input easy inputable like gta3 VC and SA.

WeskerChildReborned3286d ago

Agreed Posted that's why i'm saying that they should keep it realistic but bring back the creative cheats that made past gen GTA games amazing.

I kinda disliked the lack of cheat variety in GTA IV and i hope that they let back a little bit and just be as creative as they use too.

Jio3286d ago

I'd rather it be a mix between insanity and realism like San Andreas. Not on the level of Saints Row the third where you're fighting Shark Heads and throwing kittens, but on the old GTA level with subtle humor and easter eggs and wacky side-missions.

user54670073286d ago

Yeah there needs to be a balance

Fair enough if your allowed in GTAV to cycle a BMX or a car off a moutain and still manage to be alive when you hit the bottom but Shark Heads...throwing Kittens, Wacky over the top stuff like whats in thanks.

IRetrouk3286d ago

Exactly what I want, a San andreas sequal with the improvements made in 4

smashcrashbash3286d ago

Agreed. GTA IV was way too serious for my taste. You don't have to go the wacky way of Saint Row but lighten up a bit. And no more friends calling you up every second to have drinks, please. That was annoying.

WeskerChildReborned3286d ago

Agreed completely, not on the level of Saints but still fun and realistic.

palaeomerus3286d ago

Yep. Without the silly stuff it's a pretty damned boring experience. And the TV stuff in 4 just wasn't enough silliness.

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TheGamerCenturion3286d ago

I liked some of the realism but having a jet pack would be pretty freakin awesome while you fly over vinewood sign. Plus in multiplayer. It should be more realistic than insanity because it defines realistic problems but in a more video game world type way. Hell I love gta 4 and I dont vcare if V is more realistic just make the cars a little easier to drive please.

WeskerChildReborned3286d ago

No cause Saints Row has kinda made itself that but i do want GTA V to lay back on some realism and add just a bit of fun like maybe the cheats from SA where you can get a Jetpack like cheat mode would be unrealistic mode(obviously) and when you don't use cheats, it would be realistic mode cause i still like realism but sometimes i would like to choose from them.

TheRealTedCruz3286d ago


We have Saints Row for that, and they go further with it than I think Rockstar ever would.

I like the feel of IV. I feel it's the direction that the series needed to be taken in.

vortis3286d ago


The Lost and Damned did not need ridiculous humor, it was funny enough in some segments and had a great story to tell (better than most movies).

And while the story was kind of a side-errand for TBOGT the action and humor was there in spades. Rockstar balanced it out well in my opinion and their current direction is the right direction.

Saints Row The Third can only be enjoyed if you turn your brain off. GTA should not head down that road.

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