Is the use of DLC the same as cheating?

Taking out the Dragon's Dogma main boss using a DLC weapon which gains extra experience points, is this considered cheating?

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RaidensRising3293d ago

Before cheats used to be free. Now you have to pay for not having to input a code.

princejb1343293d ago

i agree

whats also cheating is locking away features from a game and than charging for it as dlc
im looking at you capcom

BrutallyBlunt3293d ago

Those cheat codes also didn't have any impact outside of your own experience with the game. The problem now is online play and using cheat codes and other tools like this DLC to speed up the process.

Another issue is the standardized implemantion now of Trophies and Achievements. They have added another layer to this.

WeskerChildReborned3293d ago

If you know Dead Rising 2 Off the Record, you'll know that Capcom literally charges you for cheats like you have to pay $5.00 to put cheats on that game -.- How low can Capcom get? what next? DLC credit?

ShadesMoolah3293d ago

I would consider it borderline cheating, you're paying for an easy method, which is perhaps similar to looking online for an easy method to beating a boss.

Raf1k13293d ago

I don't think it matters one bit when it's single player. Cheating only matters when you're playing competitively.

rdgneoz33293d ago

Only problem is, all the DLC weapons for DD are crap damage. The weapon in particular you have to waste a pot when you use it as you can see in the first video on the page, because it eats through sta like hell, and all it gives you is an xp boost. Boosting your xp is nice, but its not gonna help you level the different classes any faster and you'll end up killing enemies a lot slower. Also, you can wear pretty much any gear at any level, so its not really a race to lvl up fast enough to wear certain gear. Also, the Monster Hunter DLC weapons are crap damage as well unless you use them against the specific enemy, but even then the later weapons are gonna be better.

None of the weapons are better damage wise than the later items you can find in end game or off UR Dragon. These weapons are nice, but only as starting gear.

GTRrocker6663293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

I beat dead space's impossible mode with the help of armor dlc so I would have to say yes. It is the same as using a cheat code if you are using it to beat something and not just for fun or the Cool factor

Summons753293d ago

I'd say no seeing as it is suppose to be part of the game where as making your self invincible with weapons that are not even suppose to be in the game. The only reason where I consider it broken is like in Oblivion, if your starting a new game and you have all the dlc and shivering isles than you could just go to shivering isles, get dusk/dawn fang and have the best weapon in the game as soon as you step out of the sewers. Dusk/dawn fang is easily the best weapon in the game since it can't break and get even more powerful after so many kills

Hufandpuf3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

double post.

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