Slender: Source News Update - July 29th 2012

Project Lead of Slender: Source (Justin Ross) attends to explaining some details about Slender: Source and how they are in no way related to the original Slender by Mark J Hadley. They also show off some awesome decal art, and reveal what's currently in-game, mechanic wise.

Get excited. The Slenderman is coming.

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ATi_Elite3281d ago

Just when I thought Amnesia The Dark Descent was scary along comes Slender to really spook me out.

15 minutes of playing time into SLender I got scared and turned it off. That game is not right! lol

If you want real Survival Horror Amnesia and Slender is where the SCREAMS are.

Genghis3281d ago

Want some scares, check out SCP-087:

And SCP Containment Breach

Containment Breach has two amazing things going for it.
1) Blinking meter that falls as you keep your eyes open, opening up some crazy scares
2) The game is a rogue like, with randomly generated rooms and hallways so every experience is different and freaky

Check em out!!! ...and piss your pants

r213281d ago

multiplayer slender where one carries the flashlight and the other is in the dark and separated from each other. sharing horror, how nice of the devs....