8 Games That Would Make You Buy A Vita

Play-Mag writes: Vita needs an injection of white-hot gaming directly into its eyeball if it is to thrive. Here’s our suggestions for what would do that.

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NewZealander3285d ago

i wish they would just give up on hand-held gaming and focus on new games for current and next gen consoles, i mean how many devices do we need to carry around with us, smart phones, tablets etc, theres no need for hand held consoles, is it any wonder they fail sales wise?

StraightPath3285d ago

no killer app available on vita yet hope soon. Severly lacking games.

blitz06233285d ago

Because smartphones and tablets are nothing compared to handheld consoles when it comes to core gaming. Plus not everyone carries these devices like they would a cell phone. You are taking the portability characteristic too literally.

To me personally, your statement should be flipped regarding tablets. There's no need for them. The same goes with the idea that smartphones will actually be better than the 3DS/Vita. Unless they design it the same way as the 3DS/Vita with comfortable controls, they will never be better for gaming.

PoSTedUP3285d ago (Edited 3285d ago )

hardcore gamers buy a Vita because they like the best graphics and controls where ever they go. (getting a 3DS aswell) had to wait a few hours to get my car fixed n was jumping back and forth from uncharted to MGS3HD. i only play the best. the processors in the tablets aren't as good, either are the graphics and most of the games are cheesy plus they are too big to carry around. my vita plays my music at work, facebook and best games while i am on 15 min and lunch break, i even play it a lot at home; it is a console in itself. i need a 3DS tho i want more RPG's and play resident evil i heard it was good on the 3DS.

assassins creed liberation's (you need a vita to experience it)
blackops declassified (you need a vita to experience it)
gravity rush (you need a vita to experience it)
person4golden (most anticipated)
rognarok oddsey ( you need a vita And it looks amazing)
unchartedGA (uncharted game only experiences on the vita)
hotshots golfWI (just plain fun)
i only liked the online part of resistanceBurningskies

but there are a lot more games to come i cant wait.

MySwordIsHeavenly3285d ago

Killer Apps:

Uncharted: Golden Abyss
Gravity Rush

My personal favorite Vita game, so far, has been Touch My Katamari.

gaffyh3285d ago

I've already got one, but I really really really hope that Level-5 make a Jeanne D'Arc 2 or something on the level of that game.

MmaFan-Qc3285d ago

Lumines Electronic Symphony

and i got my ps vita

TheLastGuardian3285d ago

Severely lacking games my ass. I have plenty of great games for the Vita, many more I still want to buy and there's tons of Vita games I'm anticipating the release of. PS Vita has a great library considering how long the system has been available. I really don't get where all this "Vita has no gaems" nonsense is coming from.

OT: I bought my PS Vita when Gravity Rush came out. Not because of Gravity Rush, it just happened to be a good time for me financially. I don't need a certain game to make me buy a PlayStation system. I have faith in Sony because of their history in this industry. They always deliver, PlayStation systems always have great first and third party support. Sony has yet to make a bad game system and until they do, I'll always buy their systems no matter what.

guitarded773285d ago

I love my Vita... currently have

Hot Shots Golf
Gravity Rush
Mutant Blobs Attack
Little Deviants
Hustle Kings
Mortal Kombat
MotorStorm RC
Super Stardust Delta
50 Minis (from PS+)
A few PSP games

...and I've only had it for a month. Still plan on getting Resistance and Unit 13 when they go on sale.

Also, there's Little Big Plane, Little King's Story, Ragnarok Odyssey, Call of Duty, Assassin's Creed, Soul Sacrifice, Madden, PlayStation All-Stars, Sly 4, Killzone, Sound Shapes, Final Fantasy X and more already announced.

Compared to any other portable gaming device, Vita has the deepest feature set, and the highest quality games on the go. I can understand many still being concerned about spending the cash for it, but as the catalog grows more people will buy.

The argument of a killer app is really different for every gamer. Some already think there are killer apps for Vita and have bought one because of a particular game. I've had some great gaming experiences on Vita... especially Gravity Rush. But the Vita is NOT "severely lacking games"... it's been slow for releases lately, but the current catalog along with upcoming releases is really strong. I'd rather have fewer quality games, then a packed catalog crammed with shovelware.

stuna13285d ago

I guess this will turn into another Vita has no games or killer apps kind of article! My experience has been I knew when the Vita was first announced that I had to make it mine, it didn't matter how many games or, apps it had at the beginning. What mattered is that it had a tradition backing it!

The sony tradition that my money would be well spent on a premium piece of technology, that would take my places that I had never been! Show me things that I had never seen! Contrary to others belief, it has done that for me, and I know the ride is just beginning.

What so many people lack today is patience ! But I'm a firm believer that good things come to those who wait!

Unexpecta3285d ago

How bout GTA Vita? The PSVita now has LC Stories, VC Stories, and Chinatown Wars. Maybe Rockstar is building up anticipation and show gamers a surprise for the Vita in the future?

GTA V. The V goes perfectly with the Vita. Make it happen.

PoSTedUP3285d ago

LCS runs and looks great on the vits, VCS runs like crap. im redownloading it to make sure its the game, kinda disappointed. it's playable but the frame rate drops like every 6-7 seconds when driving and running (less for running). i hope it runs just as well as LCS when done DLing.

and i would like a SA HD remake that would do wonders for the vita.

MaxXAttaxX3285d ago

You can dismiss games already released and soon to be released as not being killer apps, but for many others, some of these games ARE.

andibandit3285d ago

More original IP's,

stop comming up with ports from PS3.

Little Big Planet
Call of Duty
Assassin's Creed
PlayStation All-Stars
Sly 4
Final Fantasy X

THE WHOLE thing reeeeks of cashcow milking.
Im not paying 250$ just so i can play a game, i played version 1,2 and 3 of, ON THE BUS.

Hisiru3284d ago (Edited 3284d ago )

Make me buy a vita? I already have a vita and 3DS. I wonder how a true gamer can live without games like Uncharted Golden Abyss, Gravity Rush, Wipeout (on the go), Resident Evil Revelations, Kingdom Hearts 3D and Mario 3D Land.

Can't wait for Little Big Planet (this is the handheld game I want the most this year) and Castlevania Mirror of Fate.

MaxXAttaxX3284d ago (Edited 3284d ago )

You seriously don't know what the word "port" is, do you.

You think games like Uncharted:GA, LBP and AC3:Liberation are the same games from the PS3? That is the dumbest thing I've heard in my entire life.
Are Mario and Zelda games on GameBoy and DS also just console ports? Are they the same thing too? Or does this only apply to Sony?
Aren't those games some of the reasons why we buy Nintendo and PlayStation handhelds anyway?

Troll harder.

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Nimblest-Assassin3285d ago

I would like it if they released a KH hd collection.... the only one I ever played was the one on the DS

Capt-FuzzyPants3285d ago

Oh if you only ever played the one on the DS then you've been missing out. I dont know if you played Coded or Days but either way the rest of the series is even better. I love Days for the story but the gameplay in every other game is just so much better.

2v13285d ago (Edited 3285d ago )

they need EdgeWorld from kabam or somehting similar and that it!

Lord_Sloth3285d ago

I don't have a smart or a tablet. I have no need of them. I carry 2 things around with me. My RANT Phone and my PS Vita. Nothing else I need, wallet aside.

mysterious_warrior3285d ago

I just can't rap my mind around owning a tablet. There is really no need for one, well for me there isn't.

xursz3285d ago (Edited 3285d ago )

I see no need for a tablet either, especially when it comes to gaming.

1) Virtual controls are a huge detractor for any gamer
2) Size. If I'm not carrying a handbag the thing is just too big for easy portability
3) No phone/tablet games come even close to Gravity Rush on Vita, or even RE on the 3DS for that matter
4) PRICE, as it stands Apple's selling these things for over $600 WTF

And if they expect me to go out and BUY a third-party controller for this Pad I paid over $500 for, that's just insane. For the price, it should come with 2 controllers, a Bluetooth wireless headset, 64gb internal memory, and $120 instant rebate or Visa gift card.

For what people pay for tablets they can get a Vita, PS3, Xbox360, AND a year of BOTH XBL and PS+ for damn near the exact same price.. Tell me again why a tablet is good for gaming.....

optimus3285d ago (Edited 3285d ago )

I partially agree with newzealander, tablets have become the norm' so much so that even pc's are losing sales for them. As an older gamer i carry my 7' inch tablet almost everywhere to the point that my laptop is rarely used...

Sure it has a lot of casual games which i find to be quite fun to pass the time, but it also has some games that are comparable to a handheld gaming device. Not to mention that with the emulators you can put on it you can get some fantastic games from playstation, snes, genesis, nintendo 64, etc.

I wouldn't rule out handhelds entirely just yet because there is obviously a market for them and it keeps the kiddies busy. tablets have a much larger battery life than a handheld, to me that alone is the biggest selling point or defector about handheld gaming.

There are only 2 or 3 games that i would consider buying a vita for (when the price comes down to under 80 bucks) but as it stands the games and battery life do not outweigh the price in my book.

Slapshot823284d ago

Spelunky, Monster Hunter and Vandal Hearts I'll take, but the rest I could careless about.

clrlite3284d ago

"theres no need for hand held consoles, is it any wonder they fail sales wise? "

They are doing fine. Please see 3DS sales figures, etc. Sony could simply start advertising properly, release a few games, etc., and do very well with the Vita.

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ApolloTheBoss3285d ago (Edited 3285d ago )

1 game that would make you buy a Vita: GRAVITY RUSH.

burgerman3285d ago

This made me realize All-stars will be $60 on PS3 and $40 on Vita. It seems they are cannibalizing their sales regardless if the Vita version is watered down or not.

MySwordIsHeavenly3285d ago

Buying both, like all of my friends.

burgerman3285d ago

There is no logic on this website. Just because you say you buy everything doesn't fix the problem.

Baka-akaB3285d ago (Edited 3285d ago )

Hardly every ps3 owners owns a vita to begin with .

And there is most likely a market for both versions . It's not a game i'd truly bother play at home or friends (we are more addicted to "true" 2d and 3d fighting games ) , but could rather see myself play in short fun burst on handheld

iamtehpwn3285d ago

A good Final Fantasy, Definitely. Remember how stellar Square Enix's support for PSP was? I hope they continue that for PSV.

Capt-FuzzyPants3285d ago

Maybe an updated version of Type-0 optimized for the Vita for NA and Europe. That would be system seller for me.

Xperia_ion3285d ago

Gran Turismo and Angry Birds. I have weird taste.

MySwordIsHeavenly3285d ago

I'd much prefer Cut The Rope.

Xperia_ion3285d ago

Nah, I'm not into that one.