ALL PlayStation All-Stars stages have leaked

PSU writes: "Last night's PlayStation All-Stars stage and character leak was our biggest glimpse at Sony's crossover brawler yet, but a NeoGAF user may have topped that reveal with one of his/her own.

An image posted about 5 hours ago (purportedly drawn from files in the game's beta code) showcases every stage select screen in the game, including one for "Random". The screens give a clear image of stages revealed last night, stages already announced, and a few surprises. Here's the image in question:"

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ChunkyLover533282d ago

What is the deal with Sony and secrets? They simply cannot keep one over the last few years.

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PirateThom3282d ago

The Last of Us wasn't revealed until Sony wanted to reveal it... but, yeah, generally, someone always finds out about their projects and hardware.

Hicken3282d ago

What does their "leaked" status have to do with the stages, themselves? Instead of commenting on the content, you comment on an insignificance.

Anyway, as others have said, I doubt this will be ALL the stages, as this was found in a beta version, and I can't think of any beta that was a full representation of the final product in terms of content.

edgeofsins3280d ago


Why should I have to prove I am not a fanboy when I know I am not? You don't have proof that I am a fanboy. Even though I have a couple comments of me saying I like the Wii U before we ever talked. Most aren't on N4G where I go to read news and with news comes the habit to correct people in the comments that make up bullcrap. I have commented positively about Wii U on Youtube and don't get me started on real life. I was just talking about it today with me step dad. I was talking about it two weeks ago with my oldest brother when I was in North Carolina. Quit trying to claim something as fact when you don't have actual proof. I never once in my comments said Nintendo or their products were bad. The only thing I did was correct a false fact that wasn't even an insult to Nintendo. I still agreed the Wii U is probably one or two generations ahead of PS3.

If any one is the fanboy it is you. Fanboys tend to be the first to call the other a fanboy. Fanboys make a big deal out of things like you are. Fanboys bend meaning around. When I simply corrected someone I didn't insult the product I talked about. If anything I complimented it.

Don't argue with assumptions. You just look stupid.

"Rather than cry like you did and write all ". You don't know my reading and writing abilities. I type a lot very fast. Even if I spent good time typing this what is the point of your statement? Does it make your argument better? No. It shows you are more and more ignorant with each attempt to insult me. I personally find you pathetic for starting a losing argument filled with assumptions and rational conclusions for the purpose to annoy someone.

It isn't that interesting to reply to a positive comment. I am not one to reply to a positive comment and be like "Yeahh!! I knoww! It looks so cool with all that stuff and this stuff! ^-^". It isn't who I am to post comments that make me feel like I put on a kiddy happy facade. I sometimes do reply to positive comments but not just any. I mostly reply to comments that involve correcting someone, answering a question, or if I have a question.

I am out of replies here. Go ahead and further insult yourself with your shoddy argument, if you can even call it that.

jimbobwahey3282d ago

Was really hoping for a Shadows of the Colossus stage!

Relientk773282d ago

Um, that would have been AWESOME, literally in size probably

ginsunuva3282d ago (Edited 3282d ago )

Wait so they scrapped that amazing Uc2 train level with warhawks? Why? Just because Uc3 is newer and they want more attention drawn to it for sales?

They also need a Journey sand stage where a colossus rises out of the ground.
And a motorstorm level where Starhawk buildings fall from the sky halfway.
And maybe an echochrome level where the stage changes continually based on perspective. Can't really think of what to combine it with though. Katamari? Escape Plan?

-Alpha3282d ago

Shadow of the Colossus is sorely missing in this game.

And the lack of Crash, Spyro, and Cloud is really a huge hurt, but not a surprise

Omar913282d ago

you sir should work for superbot and make this game. those are awesome ideas

poopsack3282d ago (Edited 3282d ago )

Im hoping/not thinking these are ALL of the stages in the game. If anything these might be all of the levels included in the Beta Code, and the NeoGaf user only says "I have all of the stages", meaning that he has an image of all of the previously leaked stages (without the "leakleakleakleak" written across of it) Then again these are 14 stages that look great and ALL have cross franchise interaction, so its not so bad. :)

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