New screenshot from the upcoming '2.1P' version of iCEnhancer GTA IV

DSOGaming writes: "Hayssam Keilany has released a new screenshot from the upcoming '2.1P' version of his amazing iCEnhancer mod for GTA IV. This new image sports the new AA technique that will be featured in iCEnhancer, as well as tweaked settings for more 'warm' environments and colorful skies."

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ramiuk13284d ago

whats the point of this,was good at first but now its just a complete waste of time.
who even plays this crap

ATi_Elite3284d ago

About a million PC Gamers like myself!

It's the best version PERIOD!

Icenhancer plus all the cool mods make GTAIV PC such a great gaming experience.

If you had a PC capable of properly running GTAIV w/Icehancer mod then "YOU TOO" would appreciate the greatness of this.

Anyone who has seen it live and played it is Totally impressed. Easily the best graphics ever.

modesign3284d ago

this definitely looks better than GTAV

Lockon3283d ago

Damn i need to get a gaming PC ASAP!

black9113283d ago

I much do gaming pc's cost and do I have to upfate them alot? If so how much will that cost me.