Wii U Will Have 3D Compatibility, But Not At Launch

It has recently been confirmed to me from my anonymous source, who has given The Gamer Scene rumours previously and has very strong ties with Nintendo, has confirmed that the Wii U will support 3D – and in 1080p too!

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SillyBeans3284d ago

I'm not really surprised about the 3D part because I'm sure Nintendo could do something really creative with 3D. I'm more surprised about having 3D at 60 Frames per second.

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avengers19783283d ago

who gives a crap about 3D... It was basically a way to make people go out and buy new TV's they didn't need... and now it's like a default feature for all TV's...
You can barely find a new TV that isn't 3D, smart TV, with WiFi.
3D is a gimmick... It's pretty much tacked on garbage used to raise the price of movies, TV's, etc

edgeofsins3283d ago

Have you played games that have good 3D? 3D is awesome. Some console games are good in 3D but PC games do it way better.

The 0 agrees on your comment show you should probably try it before being so judgmental about it.

I see a lot of non 3D TV's btw. People don't need TV's in the first place. If people get a 3DTV it is because they want it. If you don't want it then don't get it.

avengers19783283d ago

@edgeofsins, that's the the thing I have tried it... I have my own 3D television for some time, and have watched movies and played games in 3D, and it adds nothing... Now ,like almost everyone I know that actually has 3D, It is barely used at all.
And you don't see alot of new tvs coming out non-3D... Id say those are the older models that are still being sold...

Nutsack3284d ago

It has no 3D at launch

It has no 1080p games at launch

It has no dual tablet controller support at launch

I bet the rest Nintendo says will also be dumbed down, it won't have 60fps, when two tablet controllers are used it won't be a fixed 30fps but drop below, the online network won't work properly, basically its the Wii all over again.

WiiU stands for WiiUpgrade. Slight evolution, no revolution.
Check the image for more info!

Moby-Royale3284d ago

Do I detect a hint of scepticism?

Nah, I'm probably just reading too much into it.


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Sgt_Slaughter3284d ago

Judging by this, you are a misinformed fanboy that needs to crawl into a dark hole and die, so you don't infect anyone else with your stupidity...

And your name is Natsuck so I didn't expect anything rational to be in your comment.

FinalomegaS3283d ago

Mr.Slaughter sir, can you go put him and the 16 others that agreed with him out of their misery lol

Clearly this is a wiiu tag thread and he not only defiles the soil with his tainted mombo jumbo but ads more insult with the picture...

* pitch forks *

Tonight we burn their homes down!

Summons753284d ago

Wait so did Assassin's Creed 3 go from 1080 to 720 without anyone knowing except you?

3d isn't necessary but Ubisoft did confirm that WiiU AC3 will be the only version to be in 1080p, and unless that AC3 got pushed back to next year it's releasing in october which means it will be in the launch window

avengers19783283d ago

@nutsack it has none of this at launch because it's incapable of it... WiiUpgrade is about right,
What happens when real next gen consoles hit... then what...

yabhero3283d ago (Edited 3283d ago )

If it's incapable of it then why has the console already been confirmed to do 1080p and 2 controllers at 30 FPS #Gapinyourlogic

BTW people this is old news, Iwata already said WiiU would support 3DTVs and 3D he just said they wouldn't push it as a main feature of the console.
Confirmed June 6... of last year.
When the OTHER next gen consoles hit people will be disappointed when they aren't as powerful as expected.

Calling it, this gen, will be like the 6th gen in terms of power with WiiU as the weakest of course but still being able to get games like PS2 was.
Click the link before you disagree...

metroid323283d ago (Edited 3283d ago )

Every 3rd party game is 1080p and with better graphics/AI/Gameplay in some cases Razors edge has more levels and better animations and this is just on ports that cost less than 1 million dollars so get a grip kid this statement says 1080p in 3D meaning if you have a 3D tv that supports HD/3D than your good to go.

Read the E6760 gpu as thats the gpu the wiiu is based off it has every feature that has and more ?

NINTENGEN.COM has the specs link ? and it states eyefinity/HD3D/DX11/OpenGl4.1/ Compute shader 11.

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neutralgamer193284d ago

That's means BS 3d not real 3d.. Lol ill pass. Byyyyy the easy i have a 50 inch Samsung 3d TV i bought when i bought kz3 looks great in 3d..

mike1up3284d ago (Edited 3284d ago )

Neutrality at its finest /s.

yabhero3283d ago

It's the same kind of 3D that PS3 and 360 do... if WiiU's 3D is BS but it's the same as PS3 how is it BS? Or are you just trolling? Or is PS3 3D BS too? #Gapinyourlogic

metroid323283d ago

ps3/360 can't Do HD3D look up Radeon E6760 specs thats what the wiiu can do but some of the specs have been beefed up.

thezeldadoth3284d ago

confirmed to me by my anonymous source? This guy sounds like a douche. Pass until real info.

TheGamerScene3284d ago

I trust this author and source 500%

archemides5183284d ago (Edited 3284d ago )

really? well ask this source and author exactly WHICH 3dtv or projector can display 3d at 1080p and 60fps other than a few specialized computer monitors.....because THEY DON"T EXIST. EVERY 3dtv EVER sold is technologically limited to 24fps in 1080p 3d. 720p 3d runs at 60hz though. there are some extremely weird sony (only) 3dtvs that can run 3d in 1080i, but only super specialized sony 3d camcorders use that.

IRetrouk3284d ago (Edited 3284d ago )

Load of shite, my toshiba runs 3d @ 1080p, although most 3d games don't run 3d @ 1080p, its usually 30fps @ 720p

Tacklebait3284d ago

I think the wii u would be a good system for it. Would fit well the 3d toons they use. The drop in resolution wouldn't have as big of a impact as AAA games.

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