Is Wii U Really the Next Generation?

Antony from discusses the Wii U and asks whether or not it really is the beginning of the next generation of consoles.

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hennessey863293d ago

We still don't even no the final specs and how powerful it really is.

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Sono4213293d ago

You can't tell me that after seeing this you still think its no next gen.

Shok3293d ago

Oh lord. The explosions on this article are gonna be of epic proportions.

IRetrouk3293d ago

I think it will be ok, zombiu looks ok, has nice effects, I'm under no illusions though, I know it won't match the next Xbox or PlayStation but it will be worth a purchase I think, def gonna get one if the price is right, Nintendo always do it their own way, will be a good console I think

Ck1x3293d ago

I thought it was funny when he stated that the GC was weaker than the competitors! Plural... lol
But once again yes we know nothing of the final specs, people stop crying about not knowing the specs already. Because unless some 3rd party developer releases them, Nintendo never will! So I guess all of the info coming out on WiiU running this Next-gen engine and that Next-gen engine means nothing then huh? Or the fact that multiple developers have stated its a true next-gen system and not just a pivitol point. I just think its pretty funny that fanboys on here actually believe that the visual difference in graphics from WiiU to PS4 will be just as large as it was from Wii to PS3! Now that's hysterical and true blind loyalty for you...

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The story is too old to be commented.