Gears of War Needs A Change

Always a big fan of the Gears of War franchise, Randall from discusses how the series desperately needs a change.

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SavageKuma2736d ago

Well I see what you are saying, but they did change the play style by adding classes to the mix in the new title. You can play as a solider, scout, engineer or medic. That is a first for the series and the gameplay is always intense. I don't think it will get boring just needs to be fine tuned a bit. Great Article.

rufusman912736d ago

Microsoft just needs to let Halo and Gears die and not bring it shitty random studios to take over.

hennessey862736d ago

Why why why would they let those games die, should Sony let GT5 die, Shut up TROLL

rufusman912736d ago

Nopejust sharing my opinion and I just dont like it when game series are supposed to end but dont. How does that make me a troll?

WolfLeBlack2736d ago

Those franchises continue to make vast amounts of money, so there's no reason to allow them to die.

Also, Microsoft don't own Gears.

2736d ago
rpd1232736d ago

Yeah, and Nintendo should let Mario and Zelda die, right? No. They'll keep making games as long as there are people who will buy them. Why would anyone let their most successful franchises die?

omi25p2736d ago

4 New Halo's 1 Remake and a spin off.

5 New God Of war games. A HD collection

God knows how many Mario games there are.

Yet i dont see you in any PS3 or Wii articles COMPLAINING.

BitbyDeath2736d ago

Let's be realistic God of War has only had 2 new games this gen, second is to release next year.

Remakes should not count as 'new' as they are still 'old'.

Halo has only had 3 as well, I wouldn't count the remakes or the RTS.

Mario i have no idea...

h311rais3r2736d ago

Um...343i is a team of top devs from almost every hit studio.........

rufusman912736d ago

Ya I think God of War shouldve ended at 3

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Hufandpuf2736d ago

If you were able to put yourself in the game, why would you ever pick any of the other characters? I think that's what they want to avoid.

WolfLeBlack2736d ago

Not the best written article in the world, but it got the point across.

I don't feel the Gears series feel stale yet, so provided that they make enough adjustements it should feel fine to me. The new class system in multiplayer, for example, has me interested. Likewise I'm hoping that People Can Fly bring a bit of their own falvour to the singleplayer.

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rob852736d ago

Gear series has slowly seemed like third person COD that nothing new ever brought up from developer

rpd1232736d ago

Except it has a completely different concept, focuses on story, and doesn't come out every year. Gears has improved with each game, whether it's the cover system or the multiplayer, or even the Horde mode. They improve on what they already have instead of throwing new stuff in there haphazardly while the rest of the game goes unimproved like CoD.