Gravity Rush For Free With Purchase Of PS Vita

PSLS: Amazon is running a deal right now that defies gravity. Well, maybe not, but it won’t make your wallet feel as light. I guess that’s the same… kinda. Kinda not.

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insertcoin3293d ago

That's a great bundle! Gravity Rush is so underrated, though I wish they could package it with a large card instead.

Sev3293d ago

So true, they need to pack in an 8GB minimum and drop the Vita's price by $50.

Take a loss, Sony, it'll pay off in the long run.

Hicken3293d ago

No need to drop the price, and it'll be at LEAST the holidays before we see one, and even that might be temporary.

Sev3293d ago

A price drop would move units. Bigger install base means more software. That's what I want.

The value is there at the current price, which would only increase if the price decreased.

JonnyBigBoss3293d ago

That's a fantastic deal. I wish I got a free game with my launch week purchase. ;(