Uncharted free with PS Vita, Kingdom Hearts 3D w/ gift card at Target this week

XMNR: Target doesn't have much in the way of game deals for the week of July 29, 2012 as it focuses on back to school shopping. However, it does have a nice gift card offer for Kingdom Hearts 3D on the Nintendo 3DS and is throwing in a copy of Uncharted: Golden Abyss with the Playstation Vita.

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samson-13285d ago

Sony must be really struggling to sell theses things if they are giving away one of its biggest titles.

tachy0n3285d ago

then microsoft must be struggling too, to sell PC's and giving you a free xbox 360.... /s

samson-13285d ago (Edited 3285d ago )

And Apple gave away free ipod touches with MAC purchases and MS has a deal for STUDENTS.

The big difference is that Apple and MS devices were already selling well and PS vita is sort of struggling to find its place..There is really no comparison. Vita is struggling. Sorry, but its the truth and your feelings are obviously a little hurt. Don't worry though they will pull through....I hope.

Puddlejumper753285d ago (Edited 3285d ago )

Its really killing the 3DS like Sony followers predicted that is for sure..