Gaming with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Despite my love of lost magic, dragon-hunting, and picturesque fields, Skyrim tore me up inside. While some might savor the hundreds of adventures and glittering chests, I dreaded the exploration. With each turn in the dark depths and darker dungeons, I fought my fears. My fear of missing a single tome. A fabled shield. A letter, lost. The thought of missing such treasure wore away my patience. It shriveled up my fun in Bethesda's world. Such is the exhausting challenge of gaming with a mental illness.

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SavageKuma3285d ago

Oooooh well explained indeed. I will definitely share this post around to many that would consider this. I also wonder if this goes into play when people customize their characters because I had a friend that took exactly 2 hours to make a character in WWE.

BelieveinGhosts3285d ago

I spend about an hour or more customizing but i only do it in socom confrontation

PoSTedUP3285d ago

haha YES. i spend almost an hour customizing in confrontations b4 i jump into a game. consider me a perfectionist : D. i also have to explore every inch of a level in a game (any game) or i will be frustrated.

TekoIie3285d ago (Edited 3285d ago )

I have probably spent 24 hours in the ME2/3 Character creator. Cleaning up all the jaggy lines and then with ME3's messed up importer i had to do lots of messing around again.

Still character creating is fun! I've got 15 SR3 characters :D

GTRrocker6663285d ago

Yeah I kind of feel the same way when playing skyrim. I just get so overwhelmed by all there is to do.

MiamiACR213285d ago

I wish I could give that much of a shit about games anymore. Seriously, you guys have any tips on how to get back into games? Maybe a couple of snicker bars and energy drinks? Heroine?

DivineAssault 3285d ago

play something short & linear with a good story.. It helps boost your passion to play after u complete it.. I have that problem & it sucks.. I kinda lose interest after a few hours i put into some REALLY good games...

GTRrocker6663285d ago

I actually have the same problem with newer games I buy. I usually replay a lot of older games that I already like.

GTRrocker6663285d ago

Trying smoking some weed and gaming. I used to do that and play pixle junk shooter and monsters for hours... literally. I don't have a supply anymore so now I just settle for a little alcohol when gaming.

Warning don't play dead space when high. That is scary as shit.

Skate-AK3285d ago (Edited 3285d ago )

I smoke weed to help that. I've had tons of fun with games others would consider crappy. Then again it's really common to smoke in Alaska.

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DivineAssault 3285d ago

I have this problem & i hate it.. It really ruins certain games for me.. Its very hard to keep it in check & stop worrying about missing something for me

TekoIie3285d ago (Edited 3285d ago )

I have it too. In Mass effect there are certain dialogue options i HAVE to choose and if i dont pick them it stays in my mind and i have to reload the level and pick the "right" option.

In games like COD and similar if a character is talking and walking i HAVE to move at walking speed along side those characters.

If there are Character creation options i feel the need to add certain facial features that i also have. I think i've played throught the opening stage of ME2 atleast 100 times perfecting my main character which is REALLY annoying.

Skate-AK3285d ago

I hate when I'm listening to dialog and walk too far away. They quit talking. ):<

banjadude3285d ago

I'm going through this right now for Dragon Age Origins. My first 3 attempts at playing this game (when it originally launched) was painful, and now that I'm trying to beat it now, it hasn't gotten easier.

banjadude3285d ago (Edited 3285d ago )

This explains me so well... that is why I end up restarting my games so often. I'm obsessed with doing things "perfectly" it's borderline INSANE!

It's no wonder why my backlog of games is the way it is!