Are Sequels as Good as the Originals? - Right now, somewhere in the world, a Sony fan is telling his 360-loving friend, “God of War: Ascension looks awesome! Best game of 2013, guaranteed!”. In fact, I was told something to this effect just the other day. From what I’ve heard of the game, it sounds pretty good, and why wouldn’t it be? After all, the original was one of the finest games on PS2, and the sequel was probably the aging console’s last big hit after the launch of PS3. Even the PSP’s Chains of Olympus was superb, bringing all the action to the small screen with controls that were, in some ways, better than it’s large screen counterparts. Yes, each game in the franchise has been an improvement over the one that came before it. Or have they?

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CLOUD19833294d ago

"In the end, the question of sequels’ superiority of inferiority comes partly down to individual preference, and can’t be answered definitively."

That's exactly how I feel, for example some say that Resident Evil 2 was better than the original I disagree, for me the first will always be the best same for Silent Hill & same for Metal Gear Solid.

But there is many examples where a sequel is by far superior compare to the original the first games that comes to my mind is Uncharted & Killzone.

RockmanII73294d ago

A sequel can fix problems in the original and make the good things even better, but too many sequels can make a series stale. In some cases, the best franchises are the ones that end.

morganfell3293d ago

Sequels are often necessary to bring about that closure. Sometimes the scope of an idea or story does not permit such an ending in a single game.

Also there are sequels that are in many ways wholly different fromt he original. Since the writer brought up God of War I will use that. Many people with little to no insight believe the GoW games are all the same.

They are not.

As much as I like Kratos I also know that this pain and rage he has is of his own making. Frankly Kratos old buddy your brought this tragedy on yourself.

But Ghost of Sparta is distinct and separates itself in this regard. Although leveling up and combat is similar in many respects, the game itself comes off as a completely unique experience for many because it is the one instance where Kratos truly was a victim and really deserves redemption. The title is more about a man in desperate pain attempting to right a wrong than it is a warrior raging for revenge.

Sequels. Don't like them? Then don't buy them.

WeskerChildReborned3294d ago

In some cases, sequels are better than the original. Like my favorite Arkham City, i liked Arkham Asylum but i had more fun Arkham City.

Nexgensensation3294d ago

sequels are only good when the original show undeniable potential. But when the original is undeniablely incredible the sequel usually fall on the short end of the stick.

Adolph Fitler3294d ago

Is this topic the most stupid question in the history of questions? I think so..... I mean, is Terminator 1 better than 2? Is Aliens better than Alien? Is Predator 2 better than Predator?
Such a dumb question because take Terminator for example, some will think T2 is the better movie, due to it's more lighthearted, action packed nature, whereas others prefer the more pure, non-convoluted, hardcore, unflinching, edge that T1 is renowned for. I, personally love both & think while T2 certainly did NOT outdo T1 in any way, it did use the latest spfx & technology (same as T1 did) & came up with a contrasting story & opposite role for Arnie, going from definitive baddie to sort-of good guy.

So, movies like T1 & T2, Alien & Aliens are films that's originals are awesome & there sequels are also awesome, so the conclusion to which is better is in the eye of the beholder. But on the other hand, films like Predator & Predator 2, well, only a drunk, blind, mental asylum escapee would rate Predator 2 in the same league, scratch that, same stratosphere as the infinately awesome Predator. The original Boondock Saints is a true classic, that I personally love, yet the sequel was a trashy, cash in, that should never have been green lit.
So there you go. This kind of question cannot be asked, as there isn't a definitive answer. Every case is totally different, & every person that watches or plays great original films or games & there great sequels, will likely have different opinions on which is better & why (if they can even seperate them).

So asking this question, is as dumb as asking how long is a piece of string?

Hicken3293d ago

I came in here to insult the author for asking such an incredibly stupid and subjective question, but instead I'll just give you a bubble for Well Said.

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