Innovation in Gaming: Where'd it Go?!

For years now, a sickening trend in game development has been clawing away at a community I've grown to love and a past time I've spent more hours on than I care to count. We've seen original ideas morph into rehashed rehashes of a rehash, freeze dried and conveniently packaged for our benefit, so long as we keep shelling out sixty bucks a pop. Innovation in gaming is becoming a thing of the past and the never ending march of sequels, and sequels to sequels (I'm looking at you, Final Fantasy) is becoming more than I can bear.

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MultiConsoleGamer3285d ago

Long hardware cycle stifles creativity.

PopRocks3593285d ago

Doesn't really help that all gamers seem to ask for is better graphics.

Xelmen3285d ago

And Boom! There's the kicker isn't it.

Don't believe him, guy whom recently disagreed? Well I've seen people freak out over graphics more than anything else. Games with great stories get cult followings. Games with great graphics get millions of dollars.

It's the way the world goes 'round kiddies.