Top 10 Most Evil/Crazy Laughs in Gaming

BT writes: Most villains in any form of media simply love to laugh. They just seem to find something hilarious about evil that they must express whenever they feel the urge overtake them, usually to accentuate a particularly terrible act. Video games are, of course, no exception to this rule. There is a good amount of cackling mad villains in gaming and finding a villain who has a particularly good laugh is always a nice surprise, or a disturbing one, depending on your outlook. A truly memorable laugh can really help a villain leave an impression on the player, as evidenced by how well-known a good number of these cackling mad baddies are in gaming culture. In the spirit of this malevolent laughter, I’ve listed my top 10 favorite evil and crazy laughs in gaming.

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Lovable3963d ago

Lezard Valeth for the win! That guy is just too insane..

Summons753962d ago

I would have added the crazy sheep from Catherine from one of the landings, that was one of the best laughs I heard in a while

jtenma3962d ago

No Bryan Fury?

I'm...I'm shocked!!

aDDicteD3962d ago

yup i was thinking the same thing. i thought he is included but i guess they forgot about him

rick46913962d ago

How can The Joker not be on this list? :)

Getowned3962d ago

Thats what im thinking... its really fail with out the Joker who is easily #1.

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