USA Weekly Chart, Ending 21st Jul 2012


1: X360 - 46,038 (-4%)
2: PS3 - 34,166 (-5%)
3: 3DS - 28,405 (-11%)
4: DS - 18,390 (-9%)
5: Wii - 16,370 (+4%)
6: PSV - 12,882 (-7%)
7: PSP - 2,242 (-6%)

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DaThreats3287d ago

Awkward the only increase was the Wii

Patriots_Pride3287d ago

Its VCHartz - this numbers are based on guesstimates.

Some random dude pulls these numbers out of his arse.

Samus HD3286d ago

Stop it already... we are not living in the past you know\!

miyamoto3286d ago

yeah who ever approves of these crap from vgchartz...?

samson-13287d ago

xbox may just catch the wii sales in the U.S. Can't believe the vita isn't selling that well.

JBSleek3287d ago

It isn't hard to believe when the only competition to the Vita is $80 cheaper.

DivineAssault 3287d ago

That & the demographics are very different.. Vita is tailored for more teens & adults.. I cant see many parents buying a kid a vita so it gets destroyed & $300 down the toilet..

rpd1233286d ago

That and the fact that Sony has literally no ad campaign for the Vita. My friends had never even heard of it until I got one and showed it to them (one of them is getting a Vita now because of it). If they let people know it was out there, there'd be more interest.

Machioto3286d ago (Edited 3286d ago )

@rpd Where are you and friends living?mars,seriously though,I've seen commercial,i'm assuming you live in Europe if not then I don't how you have not seen one yet.

rpd1233286d ago


Nope I live in America. I've seen ads, but I have to actively seek them out. It's not like I'm watching TV and then there's a Vita commercial like there is for the 360 or PS3.

Hicken3286d ago

The Vita's competition is pretty much every other handheld; not just the 3DS, but the DS and PSP, as well.

And some crazy people want to put it in contention with smartphones and tablets, too.

The Vita's fighting against ignorance and misinformation more than against any competing product. And incorrect knowledge is a much harder adversary to defeat.

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DivineAssault 3287d ago

whats going on with the wii? its sold out online & the sales have a slight increase... I just sold one of mine yesterday.. Got a damn good deal on it too

MySwordIsHeavenly3286d ago

Nobody has ANY idea why the Wii is starting to sell again. Seriously. I can't find anyone who can explain it.

ZoyosJD3286d ago

Nintendo's master plan of not giving the WiiU a release date is working...JK...IDK, but it is a posibility.

yabhero3286d ago

The 3DS overlap a lot in the 13-21 demographics... People think its just kids unde 10 who get a 3DS and people over 20 get a vita but in truth they are kinda selling to a lot of the same people

AWBrawler3286d ago

True I know people who always thought hanhelds weren't for them, adults mind you, but now they all own a 3DS and games like Resident Evil and DOA

Xperia_ion3286d ago

Sony is horrible at advertising, show some hot girls playing it, anything!!! WTF Sony : /

Siren303286d ago

Yeah its the lack of advertising instead of no games and $250 price tag and having to buy expensive memory cards seperate that is causing the vita to have poor sales

Xperia_ion3286d ago

Sarcasm is like a second language to me.

DarkHeroZX3285d ago

Well I disagree on the no games part. And you can get their memory cards far cheaper online. But advertising the vita is a most.

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