Castle Story Looks a Lot Like Minecraft, but It Looks Awesome Anyway

Calling Castle Story a Minecraft copycat might not be entirely fair. I mean, it definitely has the premise of “voxel-based world where you mine and build and defend your creation at night.” But it also takes place on flying islands, features RTS elements, and has some of the cutest videogame protagonists since Sackboy.

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Genghis3293d ago

looks more like warcraft

shadowraiden3293d ago

lol love how any building game is now like minecraft.

minecraft wasnt the first building game they had been around for along time before then and this is way more rts then fps building like minecraft for one looks more like a populus/black and white style where you have guys that you tell what to build and they go about it etc.

JoshEngen3293d ago

Star Wars didn't invent the light sabre either, but they're inevitably tied together based on the popularity of the series.

Hicken3293d ago

But if it were made by Sony:

"OMG! Look at them, copying something else! Nevermind that it has as many differences as similarities! CLONE!!!!"

BrutallyBlunt3293d ago

What does this have to do with being made by Sony? Oh I get it, the world is against Sony and because Minecraft is now on the XBOX360 it's now about Sony versus Microsoft?

How pathetic. The article is about a kickstarter project and has nothing to do with Sony. It's also supported by "Notch", the guy behing Minecraft.

This will be marked for trolling, hopefully this guy loses all of his bubbles soon.

Ben_Grimm3292d ago

I guess you never saw FortressCraft or the other craft games for the 360 that did get this clone posting treatment on N4G.

Yea you must have been absent for that.

You were too busy attending the "OMG SONY IS THE VICTIM AGAIN!?" classes.